PAN Application Status

The PAN Card or the NSDL PAN Card is a mandatory number issued by the Government of India for citizens who pay taxes. You can take advantage of the PAN Application, PAN Application status and PAN Card Verification functions easily online at the Governments website.

NSDL PAN is an acronym of National Securities Depository Limited Permanent Account Number. The NSDL is currently managing the issuing of PAN Cards and therefore PAN cards are sometimes referred to as NSDL PAN Cards. The PAN Card is quickly becoming a necessity. One is required to get a phone account, cable, electricity, water plus other private companies as well as government departments. Of course it is mandatory if you are required to fill in a tax return.

You are required to have a PAN Card if you wish to buy land, a car, or any item which can be used to earn some form of income from. You can apply for a PAN Card online. It’s quick, easy and at your convenience. You need to pay for the application, supply names and birthdates of you and your father and in addition, you still have to mail in supporting documents and copies.

The process can take upwards to one month before you receive your card in the mail. That is if you have no mistakes or problems with the data you have submitted. If there are problems, you can quickly be facing the stone wall of bureaucratic red tape virtually ensuring and long, cumbersome process.

That’s why your PAN Application Status is so important. Your status will let you know if you have been approved, disapproved or put on hold until you either fix or supply crucial information required before the application can proceed let alone be approved. Your status can help after the application process. When you are finally approved and your application is processed, you can find out if it has been mailed or moved to your town. In some instances, you can quickly identify that it has been lost in the mail or someone might have stolen it.

In order you find your status you need to use the NSDL PAN Application status functionality and not the NSDL PAN Card Verification Status functionality. During the application process, you have not received the card or been approved with a number yet. To use the NSDL PAN Card Status functionality you have to already have been issued a number and therefore a card.

To use the NSDL PAN Application Status functionality you will need to have your acknowledgement number that you received when you submitted the application whether that was in person, mail or online.