PAN Card status by PAN No

A PAN Card status by PAN no is not a valid search if you are applying for a PAN card. This is because you do not have a PAN card as of yet. If you are requesting a new reprint of a destroyed, lost, stolen or updated PAN card you cannot search the status of your PAN Card with the PAN card number alone. This is because anyone who has your PAN Card number would be able to do this. Also, individuals could guess PAN numbers to obtain information.

However, there are a few options you can search with only a PAN card number. You can check the status of your tax refund with only your PAN card number. You can find out your jurisdictional AO with just a PAN card number. You can find your ITR-V receipt status with just a PAN number and code and you can check if CPC has process your e-refund and the status of CPC refund failure.

In order to check the status of a new PAN Card or a PAN Card reprint you need to supply your first, middle and last name spelled the same as the tax department has on file. You need to supply your correct date of birth and you need to supply your father’s first, middle and last name. Again, these need to be the exact same spelling as registered with the PAN or the search will not find your number on file.

You can verify a PAN Card status by PAN No as ‘existing and valid’, ‘not in ITD database’, or ‘fake’ with just a PAN Card number if you are an authorized and qualified organization or institution. To qualify you need to be a government agency, Tax deductor, any organization or company required to submit annual returns, credit card agency, stock exchange, mutual fund operator, depository or the Reserve Bank of India.

PAN card status by PAN no

PAN card verification can be for personal use, that is, the owner of the PAN can verify the number as well as the data associated with the PAN or it can be for business purposes where a company, organization or agency verifies that the PAN is valid, active or fake. As well, an authorized entity take advantage of PAN card verification through pan number to verify that you are truthful or use the verification as part of an approval process to approve application, investment or confidence in an entity.

PAN Card Status

PAN card status by PAN no cannot help you if you have lost your PAN card. If you have lost your PAN Card you will have to follow the steps outlined in How to get Duplicate PAN Card and if you are wondering about you PAN application you can check your Pan Card Status by name and date of birth.

Check PAN Card status by PAN no