PAN Card Verification by PAN Number

The PAN Card verification by PAN Number is a method for genuine authentic organizations to verify PAN card details submitted to their businesses. Typical organizations that are allowed to access the PAN database include government agencies, Tax deductors, any organization or company required to submit annual returns, credit card agencies, stock exchanges, mutual funds, depositories and the Reserve Bank of India.

PAN Card

There are 3 types of PAN Card verification by PAN number India currently has implemented, screen based only, screen and file based and software API based. Costs are Rs 12,000 for any account with an advance of Rs 5,000 for the file based and / or software based.

There is a maximum of 750 PAN verifications per day. File uploads can have a maximum of 200 PANs counted against the account holders 750 daily PANS. There is an Rs 0.75 charge per file. The software API account will be charged 37.5 Paisa per PAN above the 750 PAN daily limits and is the only account allowed to use over 750 PAN verifications per day. File charges and extra PAN fees will be deducted from the Rs 5,000 advance required for the file based and software API accounts.

Pan Card Verification by PAN Number

Account fees are Rs. 1,000 per month paid one year in advance. The following year needs to be paid in advance of the final month of the year or the account will be terminated. The 750 PANs per day limits on the software API are not carried over on a daily basis. If you use 500 PANs today, and you use 1000 PANs tomorrow, you will be charge 37.5 Paisa per PAN over the 750 daily. Accounts requiring a Rs 5,000 advance need to replenish the Rs 5,000 advance requirement before it is depleted or their account will be discontinued. There is a service tax on all charges. All charges are non-refundable except fees provided from applicants who have been rejected.

If you need to check your Pan Card Status by name and date of birth of a new application, you can for free on the Government of India’s Income Tax Department web portal. You can also find out about how to get duplicate PAN Card for India and non-India procedures.

The ITD is the governing body that authorizes, approves and provides login credentials for registrations of the PAN Card verification by PAN number program.