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Panorama Elevator for a Smooth Ride and Dependable Long-term Operation

The number of older adults is growing and report suggests that one out of 8 Americans is aged 65 or older. This aging population presents a number of challenges as seniors may often develop problems with balance, strength, memory, vision and other issues. These issues can restrict their mobility outdoors and in the home.

Older adults prefer to live in their own homes independently for as long as possible. So it’s important to adapt homes to meet needs of aging residents. Installing an elevator is a great option as it helps enhance the mobility and independence of the elderly to a great extent. Leading manufacturers offer innovative models of home elevators. The Panorama from Federal Elevators is a reliable model designed to enhance the functionality and elegance of a multi-storied residential building. It can be easily installed in a new as well as an existing home.

Top Features

Featuring an excellent load capacity of 1000 lbs (454 kg), this lift comes with a maximum speed of 50 fpm. It can travel up to a maximum height of 60 ft and allows a maximum of 8 stops. With a hydraulic pump unit that features compact design, it can be easily installed in residential buildings with space constraints. In addition, it comes with many options that allow it to be customized to meet the surrounding décor and other requirements.

The elevator ensures a smooth and quiet operation. Apart from carrying people, the Panorama can also be used to move laundry, furniture, groceries and other heavy items between the floors. It comes with emergency battery powered lowering and lighting. Other features and options include:

• Emergency Stop Button and Alarm button in Cab
• Interlocks at Every Landing Door
• Relay logic based control system
• Manual or automatic swing entrances
• Automatic push button controls
• Stainless steel operating panel
• Stainless steel trim
• Accordion or scissor style car gates
• Multiple platform size choices
• Choices for interior panels from simple unfinished natural wood veneers and melamine to custom recessed woods and glass walls
• Standard choices of melamine, veneers, laminates and stains
• Car operating panels and hall stations in elegant styles and attractive finishes


The best option when it comes to purchasing the Panorama elevator is from a reliable dealer. Most established suppliers would have working models of the systems they supply in their showrooms. This would allow you to ride in them which can help you take your purchase decision. The right dealer would also ensure competitive pricing and comprehensive support with hassle-free installation and efficient maintenance services.

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