Paperwhite against Voyage against Paperwhite

Kindle reader a review

Amazon has released the third version of its e-book reader Paperwhite with lighting, the previous model is still available. Two devices with each other and with the more expensive Kindle Voyage compared.

Amazon has released the third version of the Kindle Paperwhite that a significantly high resolution display than the previous model. The screen now has the same resolution as that of the Kindle Voyage – Amazon’s third reader with lighted e-paper display, its price is significantly higher than that of the new Paperwhite. has looked at all three e-reader and particularly pay attention to the form: In the comparative test in the end choose the nuances and the value for money about the test winner.

With his first Paperwhite reader Amazon solved the fundamental problem of e-paper displays: Finally users could read even without an external light source in the dark. For this purpose, the screen is illuminated, the light intensity can be regulated down so far that the screen too glaring acts even in the dark. Meanwhile, other manufacturers also offer e-reader with backlit e-paper display.

A pleasant side effect of lighting: Even in broad daylight performs a set of medium intensity lighting means that the e-paper display clearly white acts as a non-illuminated – just like paper. The fact that the screen is illuminated, the user forgets quite fast.

The first Paperwhite Amazon still had problems with the lighting, which could not lighten evenly the display. In the second kindle nothing more was to be seen, on sides of any differences in brightness are also seen on our test model.

In the new, third Paperwhite the illumination is very even, it is also somewhat stronger than its predecessor. In daylight we remember not necessarily mean that the screen is illuminated; the screen just looks like a white book. The similarity to printed writing is therefore larger than its predecessor, that Amazon has increased the resolution of the new Paperwhite to 300 ppi. The second Paperwhite had 212 ppi.