Paragraph on Corruption

Before writing a paragraph on corruption it’s best to understand a definition of corruption. All definitions of corruption have to do with some type of wrong doing. In addition, all definitions refer to a person or group of people that knowingly deviate from an original intent or understanding in an unlawful, unethical, improper or immoral manner for some form of personal gain. Personal gain can be in the form of money, support, career advancement or ideological advantage. This personal gain can be in a form of payback, payment or future payment.

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Corruption can be systemic which is where a system is corrupt due to faults in the organizational structure. These faults result in a culture of impunity where corruption is the norm rather than the exception owing to conflict of interest, inequality in pay or promotions, improper promotions, rampant discretionary powers and or a lack of transparency which leads to an overall failure to adhere to the original intent of a system.

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Any paragraph on corruption would not be complete without an example of corruption. An apartment complex that provides and profits from the distribution of electricity might equip its apartments with low efficient refrigerators, lights or air-conditioners. It is in direct conflict to the complexes goals of earning profit to replace these items and it is induced to actually procure electrical devices with notoriously low efficiency ratings.

In developed nations corruption has become invisible to everyday life. It is hidden in the complexity of society and governance legislated by municipal, state or provincial and federal governments. Many government agencies enjoy almost unlimited and non-transparent discretionary powers. Corrupt officials are despised and made examples of if exposed. Society in general feels that corruption is much lower than in the past, however, the only true way to purge society of corruption is through absolute transparency.

In developing nations, corruption is rampant and visible in every facet of society. Media is censored, journalists are murdered and harassed, government budgets are siphoned and government officials are corrupted. Nepotism is the norm; kickbacks are looked at as a part of remuneration and a cost of doing business, civil servants and police accept bribes for services they are paid to do. Extortion is the main form of corruption where money is paid to prevent loss or harm.

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Society in general in developing nations is just as guilty as corrupt officials. Citizens often pay for advantage. The payment of bribes is a form of corruption and only helps to instigate the propagation of corruption as well as legitimize corruption as the norm. Statistics show that polls conducted in regard to corruption show that developing nations’ societies state that some forms of corruption are not only OK but are an effective means of guaranteeing fulfillment of contractual requirements.


In writing a paragraph on corruption it quickly becomes apparent that it is impossible to only write one paragraph when describing corruption when you consider the amount of articles on corruption that are littering the web. Corruption can be stopped but you can’t wait for it to be done away with, you need to be an active corruption stopper. All society needs to have an attitude adjustment in regard to their current attitudes on corruption and cleaning it up.