Passive Income Writing: Is it A Scam?

Many people dream of working their own hours, from the comfort of their homes, creating a wealth of passive revenue streams that will sustain them while they relax in a tropical beach sipping a drink with a little umbrella on it and lots of sugar. Online writing scams often try to exploit this kind of dreams, and make impossible promises with fake testimonials of people who are living the dream. However, online writing is not always a scam, and can be a valid career choice. However, your average online writer works at least as hard as an average office worker, if not more.

Writing online is one of the most popular home business ideas, and there’s plenty of people who make a living writing online, so clearly online writing isn’t a scam. There are the lucky few who make enough in terms of passive revenue to pay the mortgage, but often that comes after several years of hard work creating evergreen content and learning how to promote it effectively. Makign money writing content online is often profitable only if a large volume of content meets the right type of advertising, the right style that makes people click on those ads and a good knowledge of what sells and what is hot right now to benefit from Search Engine traffic.

If you are considering starting a home business as a writer dreaming of retiring in a few years while AdSense fills your pockets with money you may in for a disappointment. But if you learn how to perform keyword research and choose topics carefully, devote yourself to creating a large inventory of niche websites promoting the right affiliate products and write regularly, even if it’s just two articles per day, it’s likely that after a year you’ll be making several thousand dollars per year in aditional income, with only a few hours a month required to keep everything up to date. Just don’t let the video of the guy on the beach make you jealous: He’s probably just an affiliate marketer trying to sell the dream to others.