Pattaya News and Pattaya Girls

After being advised by friends that Thailand was a beautiful place to visit, I decided to book a 2 week vacation in Pattaya since it was the most visitor friendly location from what I could tell and Pattaya beach was a great place where foreigners enjoyed night life. Although I didn’t just jump into this location because of these reasons, I also explored travel blogs such as Travbuddy and I thought it would be more relaxing for me and I could find one of the nice Pattaya girls to give me the tour around Pattaya city.

Sure enough I got to my hotel called Sunshine Garden which was on North Pattaya Road and it was beautiful, I heard Pattaya hotels were cheap and my friend who I was meeting there said he only paid around £100 for 3 weeks. However I had booked a package holiday and my hotel included a beautiful garden surrounding the swimming pool, a shower in my room, TV, WiFi access and great room service plus mini-bar.

I did the famous Walking Street run with my two friends who were English and Australian and they showed me the best night clubs, Lucifer Disko was where I met my beautiful girlfriend who was to stay with me almost 24/7 for the rest of the holiday. I had met other Pattaya girls but I never got bored of the petite and almost Japanese looking girl that I met that night.

I visited many interesting landmarks because this girl knew how to get to them, this included the local islands ‘Koh Lan’, the sanctuary of truth temple, Elephant village and Bangkok river boat trip. This was not the only knowledge that she showed me, we also did lots of shopping at the Big C market, Central festival and eating was very cheap at the local cafes as long as you chose Thai food which was about £4 for a two person meal. I did go to see some of the Pattaya bar girls with my two guy friends but prefered to go dancing and smoking the sheesha with my Thai girls friends towards the end of my trip, i-Bar and Insomnia on Walking Street Pattaya are best for this.

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