Paying Bills Without a Bank Checking Account

The banking system has made it very easy to pay your bills online by using their bill pay service. This banking service does save on time and postage however many banks charge you monthly service fees and those fees do add up over time.

taxes-740202_640In addition to the monthly service fee, banks also offer overdraft protection.  This service is great because you never have to worry about a bounced check, however the fee for this service is costly.

We learned the hard way what that overdraft fee was.    Know that when my husband took over the household bill pay and he had 3 overdraft checks.  Yes the bank paid them BUT our account was charged $35. for each check that was presented for payment when our account was overdrawn. Yes banks make paying bills easier but it comes with a price.

business-15721_640My husband got hot under the collar at the ridiculous overdraft fees and closed out our checking account.  We still needed to pay our bills so we paid with money orders, or with cash. You have to pay for the money order and money gram has fees also. Cash is good but standing in lines at the utility offices is not fun.

The best way to pay your bills without a bank checking account is to buy a prepaid debit card. We have a Walmart money card and paid $3. to load the card with cash. We paid this loading fee until my husbands employment check was automatically loaded to the debit card. Now we no longer pay loading fees or monthly service fees.

We  manage our personal finance by paying all  household bills, including insurance and car payment  with the prepaid money card. Then at the end of the month I print  the online money transaction statement and the monthly bill pay is done.

dollar-163473_640No more fees, no more going to bank or ATM to make a deposit or to withdraw cash. We save gas, energy and money by paying our bills without a bank checking account.