PC Gaming on a Budget.

So you’ve built the gaming machine you have always wanted. Countless hours and money has gone into it. Now you are ready to boot it up and play, but you have one problem. You don’t have much money left.

Well have no fear, PC gaming is typically a million times cheaper than console gaming. Today I will tell you where I get some of my best games for next to nothing. The first place I am going to start with is Steam. Most PC gamers know about Steam and swear by it. Steam usually has a spotlight deal which runs for 48 hours and countless games on special. Not too bad, but still a little pricey. Steam also runs some great sales during the summer and the winter. The summer sale runs in July and the winter sale runs in December. Games on sale during this time go for next to nothing. For example during this past summer sale I bought Borderlands 2 (10.19 USD) and the Season Pass for it (10.19 USD). I also bought Borderlands 1 Game of the Year Edition (7.50 USD), Dishonored (12.99 USD), and Skyrim Legendary Edition (36.00 USD). Countless hours of games for a small amount of money.

The next place I buy a lot of my games at is Green Man Gaming, this is a website that sells a ton of games that Steam has, but for a lot cheaper. For example today for the next 48 hours. Green Man Gaming is selling Bioshock Infinite for 19.99 USD. Green Man Gaming also offers some great incentives for pre-ordering games. For example if you pre-order Battlefield 4 from them you can get 8 USD back or a 12 USD gift card to their website. Most games bought on Green Man Gaming are compatible with Steam but not all of them. Check them out.

My favorite place to buy PC games from is the Humble Bundle. The Humble Bundle is an awesome concept. Pretty much a company has their games put up on their website in a pack and you decide what you want to pay for those games. Typically it runs at like 5.00 USD for the whole pack which is next to nothing. Now, the cool thing about the Humble Bundle is that you decide where you want your money to go. You can donate the money to charity, to the Humble Bundle, or to the developers of the games. Sales on the Humble Bundle run for two weeks, but they do have a weekly sale with smaller indie games. The last Humble Bundle was one for the books it was the Origin Humble Bundle and it offered games like Mirror’s Edge, Burnout, Battlefield 3, Crysis 2, Deadspace 1 and 3, Sims, Amnesia. All for 5.00 USD. I mean where can you go wrong with that!

Well, that’s my tips for PC Gaming on a budget. Not much else to it. If you get games from elsewhere very cheap feel free to comment below telling me about it. And Remember To Game On!