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PC Maintenance Guide: Tips to Reformat Your System

Poor system performance, sluggish behavior, unresponsive screen, and sudden freezes may annoy your pleasant computing experience. According to the facts of PC world, regular computer maintenance sessions can help in maintaining optimal speed, accuracy, and performance of your computing gadgets.

Follow this article to know some common tips that can avoid major system damages.

A desktop or laptop repair service may charge hundreds of your hard-earned dollars to fix some common computing problems. Leaving your device at a local system repair shop involves high risk of losing your valuable computer hardware and exclusive PC parts. If you believe that only an IT expert or system specialist can reformat your computer, then you’re absolutely wrong. All it takes is a little hardware knowledge, plenty of patience, and a few minutes during which your device will remain silent or inactive. You may need to reformat your computer, if it has virus infections, confronts sudden crashes, or is unable to boot. In this article, you can learn how to reformat your PC without contacting your technician or spending hundreds of dollars.

Some Important Things to Remember Before Reformatting Your PC

• Save your favorite movies, music and documents by using a dedicated backup program or save them on an online storage platform

• Create the latest copy of your drivers to ensure optimal functioning of your computer hardware post reformatting your device

• Make a list of the software installed on your PC, to avoid forgetting essential programs while reinstalling your software

• Create and store a copy of your browser settings to prevent risk of losing browser settings, bookmarks and passwords

• Back up your email client to avoid losing important mails and professional contacts

• Save your downloads in progress to save your crucial time while downloading the same file again after your reformat your PC

• Find your original installation disks to have a backup plan, in case something goes wrong

• Find and note down all the serial keys to run all your paid software in full version.

Simple Tips to Reformat Your System

1. Restart your computer

2. Go to the BIOS of your computer by simply pressing down the ‘Delete’ button repeatedly

3. BIOS will have tabs like General, Devices, Exit, and others, and you should also see the booting set up

4. Choose the ‘CD-Rom’ as first booting device, select ‘Hard disk’ as second booting device and other remaining booing devices as third and fourth bootable devices

5. Hit the ‘Save and Exit’ button and then patiently wait for your computer to restart

6. When your PC opens, hit any key to select ‘Boot to CD’ option for redirecting your computer to the CD

7. System will ask for your permission to create any partitions, but remember it may slow down your computer

8. You can also delete any existing partition or create new partitions to have a better access of your files

9. Now, select your desired hard disk format from the following options:

• Quick format (FAT)

• Format (FAT)

• Quick Format (NTSF)

• Format (NTSF)

10. Now, wait patiently as your computer is preparing to copy the files in your CD to install it in your computer

11. Windows may ask you for some details including current date, your username, time, and others
12. Follow the instructions on your screen and wait until you see the message claiming that the installation has been successfully completed

13. After your system finishes the installation process, your computer will automatically restart

14. Post restart, you have an access to your computer again, and you will experience a noticeable change in it speed and performance.


Reformatting Windows will help you format a hard disk drive or a partition that contains data on it. The entire process deals with wiping out unnecessary elements and making your disk drive as new as it was during the initial purchase of a gadget. Moreover, some PC world tweaks also claim to fix even major computer problems by following some common PC maintenance steps, reformatting a hard disk and reinstalling Windows. Reformatting your computer just requires following some simple instructions, but you can take experts’ advice or online technical support to ensure complete safety of your computer hardware.

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