PC Security Support Gives You Tips on Creating Multiple Profiles in Firefox

You might have been using Firefox for quite some time, but it is possible that you’re still not familiar with the Firefox’s Profile Manager. You should know how to add and create profiles using this feature as it will help you with multiple logins. Read on to learn how you can create multiple profiles in Firefox.

The new account switcher feature enables you to create multiple profiles that can be used for creating more than one user account. You will be easily able to login to multiple accounts and even use add-ons in different groups. The Profile Manager is hidden in Firefox, and it is quite difficult to locate it. In Chrome, the similar feature is visible right on the main settings page and is easy to locate. Since the Firefox’s Profile Manager is hidden, you’ll need to know how to locate it, work with it, and utilize it accordingly. Let us find out how you can do it, or else opt for PC security support.

Accessing Profile Manager

1. If you are using Firefox, then quit it either by selecting the ‘Exit Firefox’ option from the ‘File’ menu or simply clicking the ‘X’ button

2. Now, using the ‘–p switch’ launch the Firefox again

• For Windows users: Press ‘Windows Key + R,’ type ‘firefox.exe –p’ in the run dialog box and press ‘Enter’ key

• For Mac users: Launch the ‘Terminal’ window by pressing ‘Command+Space,’ type ‘Terminal,’ and press Enter. Or you can use the ‘Spotlight’ by typing a command: ‘Applications/Firefox.app/Contents/MacOS/firefox-bin –profilemanager’ and hit Enter to open Firefox.

• For Linux users: Launch a ‘Terminal’ and run the ‘firefox –profilemanager’ command

3. The ‘Default profile’ will get displayed in the ‘Choose User Profile’ dialog and from here you can create new profiles, rename the existing ones or delete profiles

4. Choose a profile-> click on ‘Start Firefox’ to launch Firefox with a specific profile. If you want to switch between two profiles, then you’ll need to restart Firefox again.

Using Multiple Profiles

• Go to ‘Run’ or the ‘Terminal’ window and add the option. Or if you have created the shortcut for ‘Profile Manager,’ then add the ‘no-remote’ option.

• Using the no-remote switch launch the Firefox, or you can also double -click the browser’s shortcut to launch it

• You will get a pop-up to choose or create a profile

• You can use different profiles for one copy of the browser but remember that you cannot use the same profile twice as it will show an error

• You can use the process with different profiles; it is also possible that you can use each profile for one copy of the browser

• If you find an error showing profile in use, then open Task manager to kill the process for Firefox.exe. If you’re unable to kill the process, force close it.

• You can install different themes to distinguish between different profiles

• If you want to find out the profile that is in use, then you need to go to the ‘Troubleshooting Information’ page.

• In the Firefox, go to ‘Menu’ button and click the ‘Help’ icon-> Troubleshooting Information. Alternatively, you can type ‘plug about: support’ in the address bar of the browser and hit the ‘Enter’ key to visit the ‘Troubleshooting Information’ page.

In the ‘Application Basics’ section, click the ‘Show Folder’ button to display the profile name in ‘File Manager.’

If you are having problems related to the user profiles or the browser, use the ‘Refresh Firefox’ option on the ‘Troubleshooting Information’ page. It will help you to reset your browser without making any changes to your profiles. It will preserve the profiles that you have already created, thus, avoids losing your online stuff.

The tips mentioned in the article will help you to create multiple profiles in Firefox. However, the browser is not free from online threats so you will need to install a robust firewall for ensuring complete protection against virtual threats. Installing a firewall will save you from –illegitimate access, stubborn infections, and system exploits, but if you detect any virus, then avail PC security support immediately.