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PC Security Support Gives You Tips on Safe Downloading

It is always great to find a freeware online or find a file freely available to download. However, while downloading, the user is not aware of its implications and security threat that come bundled with the download. It is possible that the file that you have downloaded is a rogue software or that download link is fake. You should be aware of it to overcome this trouble.

Identifying the underlying threat of a download button or a freeware is half way to your security. You should be able to know and distinguish real from fake. There are numerous download links available on several websites that are often junk software. Once you click to download it, the piggyback software will download a Trojan. If it is already done, then you need PC security support to get rid of it. Before you do anything, it is essential that you know all about safe downloading.

Fake Download Links

There are many links that are available for download the moment you visit a website. However, it is difficult to differentiate real from fake. Multiple links in a website are often fake download links. You might find large bright colored buttons that say ‘Download’ or ‘Download Now.’ These are often banners that are used to advertize or mimic the real button for download. It is designed to trick users into installing rogue software.

These are just advertisements that are displayed to trick you. Just hover your mouse over the link to see where it leads. It is a good practice for internet and security. Another thing would be deploying free firewall to help with better security.

Additional Software

Chances are that even when you land on any legitimate website you might still be tricked into downloading additional software. For example, downloading Flash Player even from Adobe page might prompt you to download a security suite that is by default check marked. If you accept it or do not read the agreement, then the additional software will get downloaded along with the legit software. It means that the security software is paying to include within it additional software bundle. You can avoid this bundled software by un-checking the box against the software before clicking download button.

About Software Installers and Junk Software

Software installers come with the bundled browser and other junk. It happens when developers distribute free software and include junk to make quick money. Some installers are designed to change the settings of the home page of the browser. Your default homepage would be changed, and your search engine will be different. It is possible that it will be replaced with the inferior version or even the worst version ever.

It might be recommended by the developer, it is just because they are paid to do it. The bundled software is inferior and is bad for the system. It is advisable that you uncheck the toolbars, changes related to search engine or home page and junk software. To stay safe, it is important to decline to install the additional software. If not then seek out internet security tools for better online security.

Uninstalling the Junk

If you accidentally installed something, then too, you will need to remove it using internet security tools. It is easy to un-check the box for the software option; it is comparatively hard to remove it later on. If you are installing a software that comes with other software then it is suspicious and a threat to internet and security. It is possible that you just downloaded something leaving the bundled software check marked, then you are not able to locate the software on your device. Later on, when you check it again, it will appear in the download list. This is a sneaky trick employed by the developer to install junk software on your system or device.

It is difficult to remove junk software once it gets installed in the system. It is difficult to detect its presence in the system as it hides itself from security tools. You will need to hunt for it and then uninstall it.

Your system might be automatically downloading other junk programs. To remove it all, you might need to uninstall unwanted software along with the toolbar or other extensions. Browser extensions need to be completely removed from the system. You might need help of special internet security tools to remove it.

You should manually restore the browser settings related to search engine and home page. Go to the browser settings to make relevant changes and check back the preferred choices. Another thing would be using an anti-spyware and an antivirus program.

It is not possible to get rid of the software on your own; you need the help of an expert on the matter. Often you might not be able to figure out the underlying problem on your own. It is better to seek expert advice on it.

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