Peace, Hope, Happiness, and Health

If you have never been to the VA hospital in Palo Alto, you have a surprise in store for you. It is one of the most up date hospitals around. It is also the most cleanest, you never see a dirty room. All the floors are up to a high buff, it looks as if they are done every night. Every room always looks in order.The nurses are nice at all times. You can not believe how many people go through this place. I bet at lease two or three thousand are always running around. This hospital is big and more buildings are being added on. Once you get inside you need a road map to get around. Getting lost can be real easy, directions are everywhere and all rooms have signs but you still can have a problem. Turn down one corner and everything looks the same. They need to sell maps for the first timers. I can’t remember how many floors there are maybe five. I get lost just around the first floor, if I go any higher I will need to drop bread crumbs to find my way back.

Fortunately I do not need to go there, but a lot of people are getting medical help and coming out well. I believe a lot of the doctors come from Stanford, plus some have their own business outside of the hospital. I do go every so often but I’m at every six months. I am glad to see that all of our servicemen and women have a great place to get well. They all need a place that they know can give them a lot of hope coming back from their tour of duty. A place where healing has a chance to come full circle. A place close to home where comfort is the only thing they see. The only people they meet are friendly and know that it’s safe from the unknown. Knowing that they can start a new life and not worry about whats coming around the corner. This is a place where the noise is more pleasant to the ear. A place that can heal all the misery that they have seen. A place where they can see all the joy and happiness in everybody’s face. A place where everybody is happy to see you.