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Peace sign tattoos

Peace Sign Tattoo Designs

A peace sign is a circular form with three prongs in it facing downward. One of them is a vertical line and the other two lines are oblique that start from the middle of the vertical line and touch the circle after going into different directions. The sign declares the anti-war concept. The symbol was designed as anti-nuclear energy in Britain in 1958 and after that got popularized as a demonstration for bringing peace. As tattoos represent one’s personal belief and reflects individuality peace sign tattoos become a strong symbol for those who want to preach the message of peace and universal brotherhood in the world and protest against war.

History of Peace Signs

Peace sign tattoo

The peace sign has different significance and meanings attributed to it for ages. It took its origin from ancient runes when it stood for death.Roman emperor Nero transformed its meaning as associated with war and despair to exhibit it as a part of his Christian hatred politics.This symbol was also used by the German tribes in performing black magic. But the sign got its actual form of popularity and recognition of ‘peace’ on 21stFebruary,1958 in Britain. Gerald Herbart Holtom,a member of ‘Direct Action Committee against Nuclear War’ created the modern meaning of peace sign symbolizing freedom,serenity,calmness.

If one wants to make propaganda for bringing back peace to the present condition of instability peace sign tattoos are the best choice because of their soothing and comforting note they deliver to the whole world.

Different Peace Symbols

All over the world there are bountiful peace symbols with different interpretations.Peace symbols are depicted through different ways and by various representations that have international acceptance too. ‘V’ sign peace-mark with index and middle finger outstretched is a known form. The image of a dove with a twig in its beak signifying peace is a great peace sign that is universally recognized. Another peace symbol that was created by Gerald Holtom in 1958 as a manifestation of freedom and an idea of anti-violence activity is the commonest trend that people grab for making tattoo designs.

Peace Sign Tattoo Designs

Tattoo designs can always be unique in their own ways. Use of bold colors and shapes and forms of diverse characters throw a newer grace to peace sign tattoos. Sometimes peace symbols are brought with 3d effect for better projection.One can experiment with lots of designs for making interesting peace sign tattoos. Modern trend of yin yang tattoo design can be blended with peace symbol or an outline of peace symbol with yin yang design interpolated with it makes a good option.Merging rainbow color around peace sign is in fashion nowadays. Peace circle wrapped in a rose vine is also a common idea that at the same time becomes catchy. Colored with national flag emblem or portraying a specific character holding the peace symbols are also very beautiful and meaningful themes. Again one can only draw the outline of the tattoo in his skin color without mixing any other color.

The picture of dove holding a twig is a symbolical peace sign tattoo design one can imprint.Some ironic designs like skull, flame with peace symbol around them are popular and extraordinary tattoo ideas. Apart from that ‘V’sign with two fingers or picture of hawk or eagle holding peace sign are some of the tattoo designs that people can choose.

Placement of Peace Sign Tattoos

Though one can place peace sign tattoos anywhere on the body and there is no binding or ideal place for this kind of tattoo people tend to wear them on wrist, ankle, lower neck, hips, shoulder, lower back to enhance its charm.Some people are also found to ink it behind the ear or between the fingers.

Peace sign tattoos are one of those tattoos that carry messages to convey and people will always have the liberty to wear these kinds of tattoos as they possess no controversies and spread the word of love and so they can always remain in fashion among the masses.

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