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Pearl Jewelry in Vogue

Do you love pearls?

Now who doesn’t? For long, pearls have always been considered an iconic representation of creamy luscious elegance. Pearl jewelry conjures an image of sophistication, with affluent ladies flaunting their pearls. Elegant and chic, pearl automatically projects wealth in its most elite form, unlike other metals which have the tendency to look garish if overdone.

According to Astrology

The essence of pearls is its spotlessness and its fluidity. In Indian astrology, pearls are given to people who are type ‘A’ personalities, who need to wear pearls to balance out and cool down their fiery temperament. The energy of pearls helps the wearer to align with his/her softer side, the feminine energy that is the ‘yin energy’.

Some dough about your pearls:

Because pearl is created by a living creature, it is organic. Pearl is formed when a particle finds its way into an oyster or clam; some kind of a defense mechanism begins and starts coating the particle, layer after layer, with a substance called nacre. This nacre slowly thickens to form a pearl. The quality of nacre dictates the luminosity of the pearl, which is important for the pearls’ beauty as well as value.

The surface of the pearl should be smooth and overall shape round, oval or pear shaped. A pearl which has no particular shape is called baroque pearl.
There are various types of pearls. Pearls from oysters or farmed pearls make up the cluster of majority of those that we get. It is the imitation pearl that most used in while making jewelry. However, reduced luminosity gives them away and they can easily be separated from genuine pearls.

There, now you know how to choose your pearl.

Let’s get to pearl talk:

Adorning a pearl jewelry signifies elegance, charm, and sheer sophistication and a regal feminine aura.

Both classic and yet modern, your pearls will come in several hues: from shimmering white, soft pink to black.

Wearing a classic pearl set at a traditional wedding, or a charming bracelet adorning your wrist is a wonderful way to flaunt your set. Floral inspired pearl necklace combined with earring is a perfect accessory that can be worn for an afternoon soiree.

Gifting a magnificent pearl jewelry set to your daughter on her engagement day, speaks volumes about the demand of the flawless pearls, intricately designed into a bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings.

Pearls on a slender finger….now that can be Wow!

Pearls are now girl’s best friends perhaps replacing diamonds on some occasions. High end events, family functions, or a celebrity affair is incomplete without the pearl jewelries.

Team up an elegant pearl drop earring, with opera length pearl necklace,

Or perhaps sea pearl diamond earrings and three strand pearl necklace,

Go sexy with back draping pearls with back draping pearl pendant. Team it with layered pearl necklace, black pearls and make it your style statement.

Pearl is also the most beautiful gift of divinity for it is also reflects the essence of the planet Moon and her mysterious subtle nature.

A pearl jewelry is for the lifetime, for eternity.

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