Pedometer Watches: Check Them Out

A pedometer watch is a sports’ equipment commonly used by the athletes of different sports category to help them do timely exercises. This kind of watch can track every dedicated walking and running when turned on and keeps check of every change in your body in terms of weight, strength and amount of fats burning in the body.

Pedometer watches are found in different sizes, types and designs depending on the type of training you are intending do and are tagged in different prices. It is mostly used in boxing, football, basketball, athletic, volleyball and tennis exercises among other types of sports. To keep track of your daily training routine, use one of the following recommended pedometer watches in your exercises:

Sportline 955 Multi-Function Solo Pedometer Watch

This watch is affordable and comes in both men and women’s’ styles. They measure steps, distance, speed, calories burned. It has a memory feature, along with a timer, alarms and low battery indicator. All of these features of course are back light so that you can always see an accurate reading. The price range on this pedometer watch is $40.00.

Polar FA20 Multi-Function Pedometer Activity Watch

This watch made by Polar measure steps, distance, calories burned, and time spent on activity. There is also a goal setting feature. It also has a clock, alarms, calendar with a a low battery and back light feature. This watch is made for encouraging and supporting you in a more active lifestyle. The price for this model is $109.00

Garmin Forerunner 110

The Garmin unit is GPS enabled and is the easiest way to record your training. It shows you how the distance and speed of your work out. It requires no set up, you just hit the start button and you are off on your walk or run. The price range on this model is $199.00.


Body fitness and strength requires dedicated exercises such as running, walking, jogging and aerobics with help of all training resources. The pedometer watch is just one of the best sports equipment that helps in managing the fitness and progress of athletes. It has all the reliable features designed with to allow you configure it to your looks while exercising. They are found in different designs and types at affordable prices depending on the type of exercise you are undertaking.