Pellet Mill Auction Sale

A stove which burns condense biomass pellets or wood to come up with a source of heat is known as a pellet stove and there is many an online pellet mill auction sale available. A pellet stove is mainly used for residential and to some extent some industrial space heater. A pellet mill works by carefully feeding its fuel from a hopper; a storage container or a perforated steel or cast iron basin – into an area called a burn pot area. In this way, they create a steady flame that heats the space. The flame does not need much physical adjustments or maintenance when it is alight.

Pellet stoves or mills are moderately versatile appliances. Most of them are self starting and automatically cycle themselves off and on. They are controlled by a thermostat mechanism. With the facility of automatic ignition and proper control, they can be sold equipped with a remote control. Recent technological innovations have unveiled a computer operated system for pellet stoves that come programmed with examining major safety conditions. They can also run diagnostic examinations in case impending problem occurs.

A properly maintained and regularly cleaned pellet mill does not create the sticky flammable substance that collects in chimney fires called creosote. These machines burn very cleanly and the only evidence of their operation is a fine layer of fly ash which is produced as a by-product of its combustion. A pellet mill more often than not uses palletized wood which is cheap. During winter seasons, a pellet mill is a cheap alternative of heating the house because it is easy to operate and uses cheap form of fuel. It can use electricity and once plugged into a general wall electrical outlet, the mill will heat the house for a long period of time.


One can purchase a brand new pellet stove from a recognized store. One an also own a good and properly functioning stove from a pellet mill auction sale. There are many auction sale websites available online today. They use the bidding version of sale where a person interested in buying one of the stoves on offer on the website, he or she places a bid on the item depending on the amount set by the seller. Some sites offer an amount below which one cannot bid at. Others are more liberal and let the online buyer place a bid of his or her liking. At the end of the auction, the bidder with the highest bid is given the opportunity to purchase the pellet mill with the amount quoted.

Because of the bulk of the equipment, the two transacting parties have to agree on shipping of the equipment. However, if the auction is done on a physical yard, the buyer more often than not has to get the machine to their premises using their own transportation methods.


A mill bought from a pellet mill auction sale is usually almost as good as a brand new one. If it is a beaten up mill it must be very old. During these economically challenged times, and as the winter season is currently being experienced, it is highly advisable to get a pellet mill from a pellet mill auction sale because this method is very affordable and the equipment is essential to heat your home whether rented or owned.