People Giving Away Money To The Poor

People Giving Away Money to the Poor

People giving away money to the poor is a really common thing but some people are so selfish that they are not bothered to do such things. Some people are so stingy that they don’t even consider give at least twenty dollars to charity which is just appalling. There are many people out there who cannot even afford a grain of rice therefore every penny given to charity for the poor helps.

Why should I give money to the poor?

There are many reasons on why you should give money to the poor. For example some people don’t get any food so they have to eat from the bins or if they find any food on the floor they will literally pick it up and eat it (you will be able to see if they eat food or not just by looking at them as their bones will be poking out from their skins and they will just look really skinny). Another reason is because some people can’t afford the basic necessities as we get new clothes, shoes, accessories, electrical goods and etc all the time but they can’t even afford a new set of clothe. This would mean sadly the poor people will have to wear the set they have all the time which is so unhygienic and there are thousands of more reasons on why you should give money to the poor.

What can I do to help them out?

There are a few things which you can do to help them out. For a start you can donate some money, clothes, and food (even though food is probably not the best type of thing to donate and money will probably be the best thing to donate). You won’t need to go overboard, for example taking them home with you but if you do then that will be a nice thing to do but giving them money, clothes and etc is enough and you can help the poor by doing a few more things too.


Remember that different charities do different things as not all charities will let you donate money or clothes as it will depend on what type of charity you have gone too. Let me tell you something really quick which is that most people donate money rather than clothes, people only donate clothes when they have worn out of it or if it is too small for them or something like that.

Why is giving money the best donation to the poor?

The reason for that is because some poor people may not need clothes and the clothes might not even fit them or something and if you want to give them food it would be more difficult as you would need to send it. But if you give them money then they can spend it on things themselves. For example clothes which fit them, food which they like and they can keep for a long amount of time. Just remember that food and water is something which you will need to survive and without we would literally die.


So now you know more about people giving away money to the poor you can try and help out which is a good idea. So stop being so stingy and help out others who need the money more than you unless you really need the money as you have taken out a lot of loans and need to pay them back or any sort of reason which you need the money urgently but otherwise you can start getting people giving away money to the poor because some people don’t have the same luxuries as you.