People Need To, Stay Out Of My Life!!!

I was helping this woman clean up, and she asked me a question, which i feel was none of her business, she asked me do I think, me and my husband will go back together, she said we make a cute couple, it’s not the fact that we make cute couple,I told her my husabnd want to control my check, and she said would my sister mind giving me my money, I told people over and over again, I can not have my husband, in control of my money, because the judge put my sister in charge, of my money, and that is they way I want it to stay, and one thing people don’t understand is, my check will have to go into this house, my husband is renting and I don’t want, to be a part of this house my husband is renting, when I got my social security check, I will no longer have control of my money, my husband will have control of my money, and I will have nothing to say about it,this is why people need to mind their own business, and stay out of other people business, if I let these people run my life I won’t have a life, these people will control everything I say and do, and every where I go, and I am not going to live my life like this, I don’t care what anyone has to say, about how I am living if what I am doing does not satisfy them, well that is just too bad, I am not about to change everything to satisfy everyone else, no one else is doing this, so why should I, I feel like everyone is come against me telling me, I need to go back to my husband, what business is this of theirs any way, I feel like I am in a bad dream, and every time I go to this place, everyone is asking me the same old question, that is why now I am going to work hard as I can, this month and next month, and every month to get my transportation, to get away from everyone, now I am really glad I am not, going on my vacation because now, it gives my lots of time, to work online to earn more money, so I can get my transportation to, get away from everyone, then I won’t have to be bothered, with these people anymore.