Perfect legs – how to achieve it (for women only)

Unbalanced diets, stress, sudden temperature changes – these are just some of the adverse factors that affect your body. And your legs, of course. Do you want to improve their condition?

Here are a few tips:

– For flawless heels – chapped heels are ugly, right? And after the winter and the spring, the summer will come. Wearing sandals and slippers will make the problem obvious. Take care of it now. The solution is: a daily massage your feet with moisturising cream. Clean heels with a pumice stone. So it will remove dead skin;

– The war against the spots – red spots on the legs is the result of problems with the blood circulation. Therefore, use cooling cosmetics for legs;

– Draining of the legs – it is due to the retention of liquids in them. The reasons may be serious, so pay attention. This may include: hormonal disorder, abnormalities in the function of the kidney and/or heart;

– Heaviness in legs– well, it will decrease and will disappear completely if you rinse your body with warm, then with cold water. Move the rolling shower in the circle – from your ankles to the hips;

– Tired legs – dip your feet for 10-15 minutes in warm water to which you have added the following herbs:
for toning – a handful of nettles, mint, buzz or lavender;
against the pain in joints – use some rosemary;
stimulate blood circulation with juniper and salt – one tablespoon per litre of water;
swelling will decrease by bath with decoction of lime blossom and a teaspoon of salt;
sweating of the feet will become scarcer, if you add to the water some freshly squeezed lemon juice. Once dry, put nourishing cream. It is better if it contains vitamin E.

– Run – do it between 5 and 7 pm. Then the effect will be greatest. Every day make a half-hour walk – on the way to the office or home. Another nice physical activity for you is doing your household chores – just run domestic sanitising or carpet deep cleaning. This is always necessary.

Daily travelling by car, standing behind the desk, wearing tight pants – all of these endanger the beauty of ladies’ legs. With a little special care, you can help your feet to look appealing and protect them from fatigue, heaviness and etc. If they could talk, your legs would say “thank you”, for sure!