Perfect Punch MMA Training Gloves

As a self proclaimed As Seen On TV junkie, I love to find out about new products. Perhaps it is my desire to poke fun at the ridiculous or my cynical nature but I love taking aim at a fresh new infomercial product whenever I get the chance. However, this time I’m actually impressed with what I have seen so far from the Perfect Punch.

No, it is not a recipe for the ultimate party drink or some fancy little scapbooking tool, it is the latest in a long line of As Seen On TV fitness products and I hate to say that this one has a real fighting chance to became an instant smash hit. Yep, we are going to see this one around for awhile and unfortunately for me, there is really nothing funny I can say about the product or the infomercial at all. The Perfect Punch seems to be the real deal.

There are so many fitness products released every year and each one seems dumber than than the next, but the makers of the Perfect Punch are really on to something here and my gut tells me we may be looking at the next fitness fad.

I have never seen a product that appeals more to the macho nature of man than the Perfect Punch and I have to admit that I am completely taken it. If you have not seen the commercial I can tell you that this entire product is based on MMA training principles. It is a simple, yet totally awesome, set of MMA Training Gloves attached together by a resistance band which trains you how to throw the perfect punch. It also provides a thorough low impact cardio workout.

Mixed Martial Arts has never been as popular as it is today and fight fans will definitely want to get their hand on this training system. Even if they have no intention of ever stepping into the ring the principles of this workout have been proven effective time and time again. Boxers have been shadowboxing for years and the Perfect Punch is an updated version of this process geared toward training today’s generation of fighters.

The fact that people now have a way to train like their favorite fighters and look pretty cool doing it is what leads me to believe the Perfect Punch will be a hit right out of the gates. It is a novel idea among droves of fitness products but it is certainly no novelty. This is real training and fight preparation packaged up for us by FOX Sports celebrity Jay Glazer. But unlike most As Seen On TV fitness products, there are no weird machines that will just collect dust in the garage.

I have read Perfect Punch Reviews online and comes with really awesome MMA Training Gloves, a couple of power bands which help provide progressive resistance during reps and Jay Glazer’s workout DVD. It is a simple product which will be easy to use for everybody. And, the most impressive part is that everyone can benefit from it because it is really effective but even more fun to do. Everyone will enjoy using it because for most of us it will be a completely new way to workout.

Experts are always talking about how important it is to change up your workouts and the Perfect Punch MMA Training system is a total departure from any routine you may be currently doing. I think you will even see this being used in health clubs around the country and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were entire fitness classes built around the Perfect Punch itself.

The jury is still out on the Perfect Punch but in my opinion it is case closed. Every once in awhile a new product will come out which is so innovative that even naysayers like me have to give it props. So if and when the Perfect Punch becomes the As Seen On TV fitness product of the year remember that you heard it here first.