Perfumes and Colognes With Cinnamon

Cinnamon scent is appealing as a perfume note to a lot of people. In fact, you will probably agree that the scent of cinnamon is something you would easily imagine as a note of some of the top winter perfumes for men and women alike.

There are fortunately plenty of perfumes and colognes with cinnamon available, and you will be able to select the one you prefer from a variety of choices. For instance, in the top right part of this article, I will leave several suggestions for your consideration.

If you want a cinnamony perfume that will smell like real cinnamon, whether it be a sweet, milder note, or a sharper, oriental note of cinnamon, these perfumes and colognes might be worth your time. In fact, on the list of most appealing scents for an opposite sex, both women and men had this spice very high on the list. This stands for something, no? This smell is wonderful in general, but will be even more attractive during the winter, and this is why you will find its note in a lot of winter editions of colognes, perfumes, and ever cremes.

More about cinnamon perfumes

The name cinnamon stems from the way this spice is obtained – it is taken from the inner bark of the tree that bears the same name. This is an Eastern tree that originates from China and thereabouts, and its Arabic name amomon denotes a “fragrant spice tree”. This deliciously smelling spice is not only appealing to your nose and great addition in the kitchen, it’s also a potent aphrodisiac.

A note of cinnamon in almost anything, from a cake to a sensual perfume, is appealing to the nose and attracts attention. Some people will love it – others will adore it. What makes perfumes with cinnamon so potently attractive is the very fact that this scent is unforgettable and its bittersweet aftertaste will stick to whomever was exposed to this delightful aroma for a good while.

Both men and women have an assortment of cinnamony perfumes and colognes to chose from, and if they are aiming for the lasting first impression on the opposite sex, then they are making the right choice with this note.