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Peristaltic Pump Manufacturers


Peristaltic pumps are a specific type of pump that works through a rotating set of arms that squeezes the tube in succession to push liquids through the tube. This type of pump has a number of specific advantages and disadvantages compared to other styles of pumps. Peristaltic pumps produce a pulsating flow, which is not always desirable. However, these pumps typically operate very quietly and are easier to clean and maintain than other styles of pumps. In addition, the pumps typically have long service lives as the pumps can have sealed bearings and other moving parts that cannot easily be exposed to dirt and other sources of abrasion and which are permanently lubricated.

Peristaltic pumps Manufacturers are popular for applications where the fluid being moved is sterile or otherwise needs separated from other surfaces to prevent contamination or where the fluid is abrasive or corrosive. Peristaltic pumps can also move slurries of liquids and solids such as concrete. Due to the specific advantages of peristaltic pumps, they are often found in medical devices and commercial and research industries that use corrosive agents, sterile materials or other substances difficult to move through other types of pumps.

Manufacturers make a number of pumps for specific medical procedures. For example, these pumps are often used in medical procedures where significant amounts of blood leave the body and are cycled through a machine. Peristaltic pumps are used in kidney dialysis machines where the blood is taken from the body and filtered for impurities. These pumps are also used during many types of surgeries where the heart is momentarily stopped. Pumps made for medical purposes are highly adjustable to meet individual needs and are easy to disassemble and clean.

In the industrial setting, manufacturers make a variety of pumps and tubing designed to handle materials from raw sewage to corrosive acids. Peristaltic pumps are also commonly used in laboratory settings where fluids must be kept sterile to prevent contamination that would ruin the results of the test. Whether tests are being run to identify drugs and other foreign bodies in blood or to determine the rate of reaction in a biological process, manufacturers will produce a peristaltic pump to meet a lab’s specific needs. Peristaltic pumps are also made for use in the food industry. Manufacturers make pumps designed to do everything from mixing soft serve ice cream desserts to extracting and moving maple syrup from trees to processing facilities.


Peristaltic Pump Manufacturers
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