Permanent Facial Hair Removal That Works

Many women tend to suffer from the problem of facial hair. It’s one of the most embarrassing products many women develop with their appearance. Finding a good facial hair removal that really works can help allow women regain their confidence, and beauty like every woman should have There are a lot of different products out on the market. Some are bad, some are good, and some are flat out rip-offs. Trying to decipher the good, bad, and ugly can sometimes leave you wonder if there’s a really good permanent facial hair removal product that actually works at removing follicles, and keeping them from re-growing. This article will help to enlighten you on some of the effective, and top rated products out on the market.

Why Do Women Grown Facial Hair?

Obviously all men grow facial hair, and its naturally accepted into society. For women its an entirely different ball game, but even women can grow follicles on their face. Some have tried shaving and waxing methods to some success.

Most people think that sometimes its a medical condition that causes unwanted growth of body and facial hair, but most of the time its just the rise of testosterone levels in the body. Men have much larger amounts of testosterone than women, but women also can have elevated levels that causes excessive growth of hair.

A lot of times its genetic too. For example certain racial cultures are just more natural to body hair. Asians have very little to no body hair at all. Where as Greeks, and Italians are much more prone to growing body hair.

Best Facial Hair Removal Products for Women

To spare you wasted time, I’ve help collaborate a few and most effective ways to successfully remove hair on the body. Obviously me being a male, I’ve not tried any of these methods myself. I go by product reviews, and personal knowledge of the cosmetic industry to help you find the best ways to remove hair from the face.

I like to think if I’m going to use a facial hair removal product, that its not going to cause damage to my skin. I think that’s by far and away the most important thing to look for. Because as much as you want to have a hairless face, a scarred and damage one is even much worse.

One of the top selling, and highest rated products on the market is Veet Hair Removal Gel Cream. Almost no hair removal product gets a four star rating, since a lot of people have high expectations. So that tells me the results and safety of using this product is overall pretty good.

I’m quite familiar with both aloe vera and vitamin E oil. They won’t damage the skin, and in fact will provide anti-aging and heeling effects to the skin cells as well. This is a very safe and effective facial cream for women to use.

Best Permanent Facial Hair Remover

If you want to have facial hair never grow back again, then the most successful home method for your time and money is electrolysis. There are some electrolysis methods that can be used in the comfort of your home. One of the best ones and cheapest to buy on amazon is the Verseo ePen Permanent Hair Removal System. It’s gotten some mixed reviews and results from women. I say spending $50 dollars on a product isn’t the end of the world if it really doesn’t work, right?

It’s probably recommended you get it done by a professional that costs lots of money, but if you’re spared on expenses, then it might be worth it to give it a try. Some of the features include pad leads, cotton buds, conductive gel, and tweezers. Self-adhesive pads included for multiple treatments.