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We should not compare ourselves to anyone else. Every one in this world is different. All of we are created distinctively to complete something – a goal. When someone does comparisons to judge whether he is enriching himself above another or thinning his own confidence, he is doing a disfavor to himself. Stop comparing with others instead try to learn Self development skills.

It’s just because the journey we are passing through is not at all external rather it is completely internal. We will never be perfect but we are in a continuous state of trying to be perfect. Obviously it doesn’t mean we are combating other person, rather it’s a way to realize our own possibilities, So that we can improve ourselves in each and every coming moments.

If you consider this as selfishness then you are wrong. Because your target is not a selfish objective, rather is your examination that you have to win. It’s like contributing your best for a greater purpose. Still the degree of this potential contribution should be kept in limit until we have fully developed ourselves. So in a easier word it can be said that we can only give what we exactly have.

Henry Ford is a vivid example in this scenario. He had to produce goods of reasonable price and at the same time had to pay his employees a high wages which was next to impossible for a business model. But he was able to do it successfully. And through his self actualization he gives the world the famous Model T!

Consider this. Imagine you’re building a five-story, forty-room mansion and your next-door neighbor is building a seven-room ranch. Your neighbor will, undoubtedly, be finished building, moved in and having a barbecue on the back patio, with friends and family, while you have nothing but a hole in the ground.

Think about it. Suppose you have a wish to make a building of five-story and forty-room and your adjacent neighbor is making a seven room farm. Definitely your neighbor will finished the building, moved in and having a barbecue on the back patio, with friends and family, while you have nothing but a hole in the ground.

Not only will you have just a hole in the ground, everyone will know you just have a hole in the ground – the neighbors, passersby, family etc. Not only that, but when the rain comes, you will have a soggy, wet, muddy hole in the ground. A real mess! And for those who don’t understand that the taller the building the deeper the foundation must be, you will probably become the object of disrespect and mockery. Unfortunately, even some close to you may view you as a loser.

Hence, if you start comparing yourself, you may have to terminate your dream for something that you never want. So first try to recognize yourself and be determined about your wants. If you are able to evaluate your inborn strength with out caring the ostensible activities of others only then you can prove the world wrong. And will be able to show that the vision will ultimately be finished in appropriate time.

Therefore if it seems that you are lagging behind from others, don’t be panic, just applaud them, and root them on. Never try to participate in others battle.

Always keep in mind that there may be people better than you, there may be people worse than you, but there is only one ‘you’. So just stay special an try to learn the art of self development.

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