Personalised Necklaces Showing at Milan Fashion Week

Remember the year of the handbag when Gucci outdid everyone with the hoop bag? This year, it’s the personalised engagement ring, necklace or pendant charm. There was a time when personalised necklaces were only worn with jeans and tees but according to top designers at Milan Fashion Week, the necklaces served as everything from name tags for their fashion line to show stoppers for glamorous evenings. There were even personalised charms dangling from talisman pouches. We are assured that they rarely communicate as fashion week approaches as they concentrate intensely on every detail of their line. Yet, through some mystical structure year after year, designers seem to be in the same dream space and an item not seen on runways for years appears in collection after collection.
One of the Versace designers mentioned that the perfect accent for a dress dripping in crystals was a simple but strong name necklace in glittering gold. The necklace isn’t overpowered by the shimmering of the dress and the dress wasn’t competing with the necklace. A dropped pendant helps to point out the bare midriffs of the colourful summer collection in a subtle but unequivocal manner. Another recommendation from the Missoni line was to take advantage of personalised necklaces for what this fashion house describes as the “unfussy” appeal of summer clothes. Naturally, Missoni’s version of “unfussy” included silk tee dresses and nearly transparent trenches in case of a slight evening chill.
One designer showing woven coats and sheer skirts used pin on pendant buttons alternately emblazed with his monogram or name. You might want to take a page from his book and pin a pendant with your name in place of the top button on a dress or coat or even on the strap of your purse. The Bohemian flavours of Etro’s designs with fringes and beads swinging and clicking down the runway couldn’t have handled much more décor but in the peek-a-boo necklines there sat an amazing white gold pendant seemingly suspended in mid-air demanding its day in the sun. And, from nowhere appeared shorts paired with sandals and a pendant drooping from the centre strap with the imprint of a miniature hand. Perhaps the designer was thinking about some guardian angel carrying the burdened model across the sands of time.
Summer fashions of bright colours and snappy prints don’t need a lot of embellishment but every girl likes to add a touch of her own. For years, the younger fashionist as have been entranced by personalised jewellery weaving sterling name necklaces into their hair or tossing on one with a pair of shorts. Now, with the interest of the fashion designers, the look is extended going from day to evening effortlessly. If you can only afford to invest in one piece of jewellery this year, make it a personalised item of jewellery in a precious metal such as gold or platinum. is an Australian jewellery brand that all women turn to when they want to feel fabulous. Whether they are buying something for themselves or a loved one, every person deserves to feel special at some point during their lives. Bevilles helps them to do this.