Petco Park Dog Days of Summer 2012 Application

What do you get when you put together animal lovers and baseball fans? You get Petco Park Dog Days of summer. For those who don’t know about this initiative, it is a way to get people to baseball games and have fun with their pet dogs.

Going to a game with your dog has never been easier than the association created by Petco and the San Diego Padres. That said, just because you have a cute dog doesn’t mean you will get free entry. Normal entry is about $5 but you will expect to pay Petco Park Dog days of summer application fee for your dog and yourself. The $12 application fee for the Petco Park dogs of summer includes watching the game and getting the opportunity to participate in the event with your dog and maybe win some prizes.

Are all dog breeds accepted in the Petco Park Dog days of summer events? You need to make sure your dog is on the “allowed” list as some breeds like German shepherd were excluded in the past.

In order to apply for the event, you need to go to your local Petco shop and pick up an application. For those interested in the Petco Park Dog Days of Summer 2012 application, you need to know that this cannot be done a year in advance because it contains the date and the team against which the Padres will be playing. The event is often celebrated during the months of July and August and the deadline for application is often in the month of June. You pick up an application form at your local Petco store and fill out the details. Once you’ve completed the application form, you need to include copies of your dog vaccinations and send it to the address stated on the application.

There is something interesting about the Petco Park Dog Days of Summer application form. Apart from the obvious pet owner details, you will need to give specific details about your pet dog and breed. Dogs under six months old are not allowed at the show. There is something that can also disqualify you and your dog and that is the behavior of your dog. There is a question that asks if your dog has ever acted violently towards other dogs or people. This is a very important question to bear in mind and answer truthfully. If you lie just because you want to participate and your pet dog attacks someone, you might be facing a lawsuit.