Petrol Hedge Trimmer – What Type Of Blade Width And Length Would Be Just Right For My Garden?

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When selecting your petrol hedge trimmer, do not rush your decision, mull over the variety of jobs you are intending to be utilizing it for because this will decide the type of blade and blade length that you require. Do you have neat, well-manicured hedges that you maintain on a regular basis? Do you have a ‘wild’ garden with informal hedging and shrubs that only need to be kept under control with a couple of cuts a year? What type of hedging is in your garden? Is it coniferous, flowering or mixed? Do you require precise cutting on topiaries or box hedging?

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1. Wide teeth blades. These are able to cut through thicker branches but leave a rougher finish. Because cutting through thicker material requires more power, you will only find wide teeth blades on higher powered hedge trimmer models. The blade width tells you the maximum breadth of twig your blade can cut through so, a blade-width of 20cm will tackle a 20cm in width branch safely.

2. Narrow teeth blades. These are mostly used for hedges that are regularly maintained and cut and that are not left for long enough between trims to develop any thick twigs which need trimming. Narrow teeth blades leave a fine finish and are most advisable for well-manicured gardens, perhaps with shaped hedging or topiary.

3. Single action blades and double action blades. A petrol hedge trimmer may have either single action blades or double action blades. Either type has a pair of blades but in the case of double action blades, the advantage is that the twin blades travel in the opposite direction which cancels out most of the vibration. If you are intending working with your hedge trimmer for long periods, this will definitely help to prevent you from getting the aches and pains that vibration can cause!

4. Blade length. Clearly, the longer the blade on your petrol hedge trimmer, the bigger the section of hedge you can cut with one pass of the blades. The disadvantage is that the longer the blades are, the more weighty and more unwieldy the hedge trimmer tends to be. It is a compromise between efficiency and ease of use. Hedge Trimmer blades can be up to around 30″ in length. For most situations a blade-length of 22″ is a good choice. If you have a little garden or intricate topiary to shape, you may choose to go for a shorter blade and lengths start at about 14″.

If you have tall hedges to cut, you might like to consider using a telescopic hedge trimmer. Pausing to consider exactly what you need will avoid a costly error and prevent you from having the frustration of buying the wrong machine for the job. Taking a look at the range of petrol hedge trimmers on the market will help you to select the models that fit the specification you need and after this you can select the model that provides the very best investment in terms of quality, reliability and value for money.


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Petrol Hedge Trimmer – What Type Of Blade Width And Length Would Be Just Right For My Garden?, Seekyt
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