PGD Improves Pregnancy Success Rates at Low Cost

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is a great lab technique applied to evaluate the chromosomes of embryos and to look for inherited illnesses. This powerful strategy has permitted physicians to evaluate healthier embryos and embryos with genetic problems before the pregnancy occurs. Apart from this, there are many advantages of PGD. Few of which have been mentioned below:

• Improves the success rates of IVF treatment
• Increases the chance of medical maternity
• Minimizes the requirement of medical pregnancy termination
• Minimize the chances of abortion
• Rate of multiple pregnancies get decreased
• Reduces the cost of treatment and emotional stress of the repeating failed IVF tests

Importance of PGD in Cyprus

PGD in Cyprus helps to improve the performance for sufferers who experience from avoiding a genetic illness in a child or who want to make stability in their family. However, sex selection Cyprus can also be done under the family controlling idea. The rules in Cyprus allow this process. Couple already having a child can benefit from sex selection process of their new child. Couples with no children cannot apply for the process.

What is gender selection?

The process of identifying the sex of the embryo (whether a male or female) by studying the cell from the embryos (fertilized eggs) acquired with IVF therapy due to the technical improvement, is known as gender selection.

But a million dollar question comes. Which medical center is best for gender selection?

IVF Cyprus offers high success rates, if you are looking for gender selection Cyprus. However, it’s a right time to bring stability in your family by selection the cost-effective PGD in Cyprus.

But, before contributing to gender selection process, it is imperative to look for IVF treatment and medications. IVF is done under the professional having extensive years of experience in the IVF treatments. In this, the expectant mother needs to take the medicine on the 21st day of her periods. Afterwards, within 8-10 days the initiation is began by using small needles with the aim of growing the egg tissues on the 3rd day of a women new periods. Keeping in mind the age of the women, the needles are injected with variant doses. Then the couples look for the gender selection Cyprus clinics for the process and the doctors make necessary arrangements.

If you want to know more about PGD-sex selection, contact IVF Cyprus now! They not only offer Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis services, but also offer egg donation, embryo donation and sperm donation services with high success rates.