Philips HF3321 Vs HF3332: Comparing the GoLite HF3321 and HF3332

HF3321 or HF3332 – Which is Best for You?

Here, we will briefly compare two of Philips leading therapy light devices — HF3321 Vs HF3332 — giving an overview account of each, so you can understand exactly what both have to offer you — and then concluding sections will highlight their differences (with an appreciation of their respective price tags), to allow you to easily work out which is the best light device for you.

goLITE HF3321 Overview

Clinically Claimed Benefits

The idea behind the goLITE device is to effectively fight against & alleviate SAD or Winter Blues naturally by improving your general mood, alertness & energy levels with exposure to Philips’ extremely innovative Blue-wave light technology (which basically replicates a specific light source exposed on clear sunny days, which is then absorbed through your eyes — and will then in turn sends signals to the brain to feel more energetic & awake) between just 15 to 45 minutes a day — and has been found in numerous clinical to do so effectively.

Features, Specifications & Aspects

You can set a session timer for the LED lamps to be exposed to cater for you needs – for 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes as well as choose the light intensity through the dimmer from a range of 3 separate settings (low, med, high). Note that it doesn’t use batteries it is only powered via cord (length: 180 cm), but is small & compact enough for you to take to work if needed.

Code Name: HF3321/60

Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 2.5 cm | Weight: 0.3 kg | Rating: 84% (sourced:

goLITE HF3332 Overview

Clinically Claimed Benefits

The HF3332 is basically just an upgrade of the HF3321 but offer the same benefits (helping you to generate higher energy levels & overall improved mood) & treatment in fighting winter blues. It is also claimed to be ‘Twice as Effective‘ compared with other competing light therapy products as the Philips goLite focuses on just the low-intensity blue light which is 100% more effective at ‘shifting circadian rhythms & supressing melatonin’ compared to white light LED devices.

Features, Specifications & Aspects

With the HF3332 you are offered a bit more customization with regards to the light brightness levels (an option of 4) and you can also set the exact session time between 0 and 60 minutes. A few additional features have been added also such as the: touch screen with a clock implemented with accompanied alarm. It is also portable given that it can run from a rechargeable battery & also comes with a travel case, so is good to take on holiday with you if needed.

Code Name: HF3332/60

Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 2.5 cm | Weight: 0.4 kg | Rating: 84% (sourced:

The Difference Between the HF3321 and HF3332

Basically the HF3332 offers you a bit of extra customization: i) an extra light intensity setting & ii) you can create your own session time rather than 4 fixed ones. It is also better suited for travelling, given that it can operate from a battery and comes with a travel case. Furthermore, there is a subtle design difference between the models & the HF3332 is heavier by 0.1 kg. They are however largely similar in their overall treatment performance.

Which Light Therapy Device Should You Buy the HF3321 or HF3332?

With the HF3321 being priced at around $100 and the HF3332 at $150 — there usually exists a price difference of around $50. I would advise you to go with the HF3332, the more expensive model on the basis of personal experimentation.

The HF3321 is restrictive in the settings department whereas the HF3332 is far more flexible — giving you the opportunity to see which combination of settings you respond best to e.g. you can test 37 minutes on the 4th setting in contrast to 17 minutes on the 1st setting — see which you respond best to (as everyone is unique) — something the HF3321 can’t offer. But which goLite light therapy device will you buy the HF3321/60 or HF3332/60 and why?

Further Note: you don’t need to look directly into the device, simply have it on a side in your office whilst you are working (especially recommended for early mornings). Also, there is no need to worry about replacing the bulb — if you use it daily for the recommended time per day — it will last for approximately 50 years & is of course completely safe to use (with no UV emitted – hence zero chance of sunburn etc.) with there also being no need to replace to remove glasses in order for it to work.

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