Philips Sonicare Easy Clean Vs Essence

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What is the Difference Between Sonicare Easy Clean and Sonicare Essence?

The Sonicare Essence and Easy Clean models (also known as the HX5610 and HX5611 respectively) are pretty similar toothbrushes, so there is no wonder as to why there is such confusion over the difference in price between the two. Well the only real significant difference between the Essence and Easy Clean (apart from the obvious difference in design) is to do with the integrated two-minute recommended cleaning timers they have installed.

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Dentist’s recommend that two minutes is the optimal cleaning lengthfor every cleaning period of your teeth (morning and night), less than this and you potentially won’t do an adequate job and more than this, you likely are running the risk of damaging healthy enamel that acts to protect your teeth. Now, both the Easy Clean and Essence come with the two minute timer integrated which let’s you know the time is up. The difference between the two lies in the fact that the Easy Clean model has a quadpacer integrated whereas the Essence doesn’t.

What does the Quad Pacer do Exactly?

It is a pretty simple feature that breaks the two minutes down into quadrants (i.e four sections) of 30 second time periods, so this basically acts to help you get a more ‘even’ distributed clean. Where basically you assign 30 seconds to cleaning the lower set of teeth on the left side, then 30 seconds to the right and then the same remaining minute for the top set of teeth for your mouth. Whereas with the Essence 5600, you would instead have to count the 30 seconds in your head, then swap quadrants within your mouth. Basically the quadpacer just makes brushing your teeth a bit easier and more effective.

What other Differences are there?

Well there aren’t too many to be had, both are fitted with rechargeable batteries although the EasyClean can last up to two weeks whereas the Essence is a bit short of this (from a single charge). They both only come with the standard ‘clean’ mode, it is the more advanced models such as the Sonicare DiamondClean etc. that offers you the array of specialized polish and whitening cleaning modes.

As you can see with the ‘what’s in the box section?’ you also get just one handle and a single brush head to come with it. The difference here is that the Easy Clean also comes with a travel charger whereas the Essence 5600 doesn’t. However, the Essence does come with a travel ‘case’.

Which Should You Buy the Sonicare Easy Clean or Essence?

There is usually a price difference of around $30 between the two, but just because the Easy Clean comes with a quadpacer and the Essence doesn’t, I don’t think justifies the extra 30 dollars difference between the two — where other than that, they are identical. We recommend you go for the Easy Clean and save yourself some cash — but which will you go for and why?

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