Phillip Toledano's Visual Content Enchants Audience

Do visual images really attract attention than catchy titles? Can images invoke memories or action deep within your audience? How can you use images to elegantly complement content and go beyond engagement? Let us look into one perfect example put up by a talented artist – photographer, Phillip Toledano, and learn how visual imagery can compel your audience to do more than reading your content.

Here’s a brief word about Mr. Toledano

He is an artist specializing in photography, “installation”, sculpture, and painting. His themes revolve around socio-political scopes, until recently when both his parents died, it shifted to personal portraits. He got his flair for the arts from his American father; his mother is of French Moroccan descent. Philip Toledano is born in London on 1968.

His Works

For obvious reasons, I am unable to use his works due to copyright restrictions, you just have to take my word for it and see for yourself. Among his 11 masterpieces, Days With My Father and The Reluctant Father, in my opinion are two of the most enchanting and elegant pieces he has done on personal self-portraits. It deserves to be consumed!

Days With My Father deeply shows his relationship and love for his father during the last three years of the latter’s life. He gave me a peek into their private world. How he struggled to cope with his father’s dementia; how he genuinely showed his love even if his father did not understand the emotion. He showed me who the man was in his life! I connected with his thoughts. Like Phillip, I got the chance to take care of my grandfather before he passed. I got the chance to know the man deeper than any of his three other grandchildren did. On that point alone I guess I am lucky! It instantly drew those memories with my grandfather as I slowly clicked on Phillip’s page one after the other. I sense how sad it made him when his father passed. I guess he made this book to “stay with them”. A heart felt tribute to his parents. Well done Phillip!

The Reluctant Father is an honest take on fatherhood (well, at least according to Phillip). He described his initial journey into fatherhood in this self-portrait with candidness. The universal theme of Parenthood is present, that no matter how hard it is raising your own…at the end of the day you still have enough love left for them. That all you ever wanted as a parent is to provide for them; to see them grow into wonderful people; to never expect them to love you back! My experience on fatherhood is the opposite. I guess it depends on your mindset, how prepared are you to be a father; to be a parent. Although, I know before hand, it is not easy. My support system is present and they always come in at the right moment to guide my wife and I. We lost our first baby when my wife succumbed to ectopic pregnancy. It was hard to accept. She never knew what I really felt. We never talk about it. I know for sure it is the same with her. Technically, that is the first death in our young family.

I can honestly say that after going over these two pieces, Phillip’s images did their work. It drew me in, it made me go back in time, it made me re-live how it was to be a father. It made me do more than just read through his work. He succeeded!

In The End

Visual images really have the power to convey, to compel, and to enchant! It takes an awful lot to conceive the best content for your audience, but it does not have to be always useful and informative; and it can never go without a good story! Why do you think Facebook, Google Plus, or Pinterest works?

Photo Credits:

Follow Me on Facebook by Nicolas Alejandro on Flickr is licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY 2.0
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