Phone Solutions for San Diego Hearing Loss Patients

Phone Solutions for San Diego Hearing Loss Patients
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San Diego hearing loss patients often struggle when making phone calls. Conversations may sound muffled or garbled, leading to frustration. Hearing aid accessories and other specialty telephones are a simple solution for anyone with hearing loss or hearing aids. These devices make communication with friends and loved ones over the phone much easier, whether they’re in San Diego or San Salvadore.

Benefits of an Amplified Phone for San Diego Residents with Hearing Loss

Amplified phones allow those with impaired hearing to turn up the volume so speech comes across clearly, making conversations easier to follow. Sounds may be amplified by as much as 30–50 dB. Many amplified phones include additional features such as closed-captioning, displaying text on a large LCD screen; visual flashing ringers; tone control, for adjusting the frequency of sounds; and caller ID. Many amplified phones are hearing aid compatible and eliminate the majority of feedback and whistling some San Diego hearing aid wearers experience during phone conversations.

Read Your Calls with CaptionCall Phones

CaptionCall phones are another great solution for hearing loss patients who struggle with talking on the phone. These phones are designed just for hearing aid wearers and others who struggle to hear during phone calls with friends and family members. CaptionCall phones display phone calls in real time text, which is displayed on a large, backlit screen in adjustable font size and speed. They also store your conversations, so you can refer back to recent calls for information you may have missed the first time.

Phone Solutions for San Diego Hearing Loss Patients
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If you have hearing loss, talk to your San Diego audiologist to learn about all of the solutions available that will make your life with hearing aids even easier. Along with amplified and captioned phones, there are assistive listening devices and other hearing aid accessories available to meet the needs of every hearing loss patient.