Physical Fitness Grant Programs

Available Physical Fitness Grant Programs

Physical fitness grant programs can range from fitness programs, educational programs to research and development activities. These grant programs are established for the purpose of raising awareness in regards to health and wellness as a vital part of human existence. Grant programs that aim to fund researches are mostly centralized in developing ways on how to get diverse individuals to participate in healthy physical activities designed for all ages. Thus, one can seek help if your program is concentrated in health for children, women, elderly or all of them. However, only those eligible candidates can apply for grant money. With that being said, what are the available grant programs in regards to physical fitness and necessary qualifications?

Carol M. White Physical Education Program

One of the most ideal physical fitness grant programs is the Carol M. Whitney PE program. It is basically a program that funds local educational institutions and agencies that promotes physical education for children in kinder to grade 12. This is done in order to enhance and develop their curriculum. However, activities proposed should be according to the standards imposed by the state. Basically, funds are provided for local institutions to meet these standards. As for the amount of money granted there is no specific amount given. It would depend on how much amount is needed by the local institution to meet those standards.


Sponsored by American Dietetic Association, Champions is a grant program that supports organizations which promotes healthy diet to individuals aging from 6 to 17 years old. Basically, the goal is to drive minors to develop healthy eating habits and at the same time participate in physical activities that would strengthen the mind and body. As of today almost $500,000 has been awarded to different organizations that conduct “healthy lifestyle for youth” programs.

Conference Support Program

As the name implies it is basically a grant program that finances conferences promoting or disseminating information on arthritis, osteoporosis, and other related disorders of the skeletal and muscular system. Other conferences on topics about cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, obesity, respiratory diseases and smoking are also funded by this type of program.

To qualify, the conference must be held within the days of May 1, 2010 to September 30, 2014. Furthermore, funds can only be provided once unless the conference is part of a yearly series.

Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Services

One of the physical fitness grant programs designed for the elderly is the Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Services. This is guided by the Department of Health (DOH) and Human Services. The primary goal of this grant program is to help institutions that promote and disseminates information regarding prevention of geriatric diseases. Aside from that they also fund organizations that conduct regular check-ups, psychiatric or psychological services including counseling of stressed or depressed individuals and nutrition centered programs.


As of today numerous grant programs are awarded to organizations that objectify to develop, promote and enhance health and wellness. In the website, one can find a list of these grant programs that is funded by different agencies either federal or non-profit organizations. With that, having various physical fitness grant programs available to support a given cause would surely make a difference in today’s perception of health and wellness.