Picasso and Younger Women. Was it the Secret of his Success?

Pablo Picasso is one of the all time great painters. He died in 1972 at the age of 91.One aspect of Picasso stands out as distinct from his life as an artist, though in the final analysis perhaps both merge. I am referring to his love affair with girls and women who were considerably younger than him, some as old as his granddaughter. Picasso had some glorious love affairs and now we know that at each phase of his career he needed a younger woman. This woman not only adorned his bed and studio, but was his inspiration as well. Pablo painted all his muses in the nude and the paintings are a living testimony that he was also a great lover.
Picasso had his first brush with a girl 29 years his junior in 1927. She was Marie-Thérèse Walter; the relationship lasted 10 years and resulted in a number of paintings including the famous “Love, Leaves and Bust’, which he painted in 1932. Marie was 17 when she met Picasso and he was 46. He fathered a daughter May from Marie.
Another woman who entered his life was Dora Maar. He met her in 1936 and she was 26 years his younger. He painted another immortal painting ‘Dora Maar au Chat’ with his muse sitting on a chair.
In 1943 Picasso met a 21 year old girl named Francoise. She was 41 years younger than Picasso and he soon moved in with her. Francoise bore him 2 children. His love life took another turn when he was 70 and in 1951 took another girl as his love. She was Geneviève Laporte and she was 46 years younger than Picasso. This affair with a girl old enough to be his granddaughter was kept under wraps to avoid a scandal. She left him in 1953 and Picasso was heartbroken.
He had his second marriage with another girl in 1961. She was Jacqueline Roque, an exotic-looking 27-year-old. She remained with him till his death.
Picasso painted hundreds of paintings of his women that have outlived him.
He thus unwittingly proved the Hindu Tantra theory as relevant. Tantra says that sex with a younger woman rejuvenates a man. One wonders whether Picasso unwittingly believed in the adage that sex and relationship with a younger woman rejuvenates a man and he lives longer. In the case of Picasso, perhaps his creativity can be traced to the inspiration he received from his women loves, some of who were very young.