Picking the right job

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In school I never knew what I wanted to do when I grew up. I liked doing so many different things but never found anything that I wanted to do my entire life. I knew I wanted to be mother and raise a family. After my first semester in college I quickly decided I really didn’t want to work at all. I wanted to be a stay at home mom.

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At first my husband did his best to allow me to stay home and raise our two boys, until he ran into health problems. I did my best and jumped right back into working. My husband had to have surgery and a year off of work. We were lucky he could work at all in the end. He had to have a spinal fusion done, placing a large metal plate in his back.

Now we were both working to payoff our bills. Things were going well until I found out I had Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). Just like me the RA is being difficult for the doctors. Even worse with both of us working we were no longer covered by the state insurance.

Our children have seen both of us suffer and come home hurting because we are doing our best to make ends meet. We have a home and provide the essentials, but are lacking being able to provide us with insurance. Thankfully the children are covered with a state plan that has affordable co-pays.

The children are almost teens and have been very sweet. Both are boys and they hope to be able to take care of us, my husband and me, after they finish college. Leaving us all with one question, what kind of job do they want to do? The children just look at what pays the most, but money doesn’t mean anything if they are not happy with the work.

So, how do you pick the right job? The right job needs to do two things. It has to be a job that in highly enjoyable. Being a stay at home mom would have been great because my children would have had someone home when they needed them. Stay at home parents can attend more school funcations, allow their kids to play in sports, and have more time to raise the children will good morals. The second thing a job has to do is provide enough money to live off. Although I loved the years being home with my children I had to make money, so off to work I went.

It is very important for parents to sit down with their children and talk about differnt kids of careers. This will help children to decide what they are interested in. Once the child find a carreer interest, they should research the job to make sure before they get close to college age. The right job will be inspiration for the children to work harder in school.

Overall the correct job for me was being a stay at home mom. It was what I enjoyed the most as I provided everything the family needed. The home was cleaner; the children had someone there every time they needed someone. Now they come home and have to wait an hour before I arrive. Working in an office is actually easier then all the work I used to do at home. Now the whole family has to pitch in to get the work caught up every week.

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Picking the right job, Seekyt
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