Picture Collage App for iOS Users

Everyone loves clicking pictures using iPhone or their iPad to share it across their social network. However, even with numerous options available there are times when you would want to share more than one picture. Another thing that makes you want to create a collage of your pictures is to send it across to your friend to remind them of fond memories. One more reason to create a collage is to bring together memories of special occasions and gift it to another. Now the only question is how to make this possible. There is an app called Pic Stitch and it does exactly as the name suggests.

Let us learn about what it does and how to do it.

About Pic Stitch

You can easily create collages bringing together numerous pictures with Pic Stitch. This app can be downloaded from App Store and can be used on your iPad and your iPhone.
Even though, there are many such apps available on the App Store but what makes Pic Stitch different is the variety it brings to you when it comes to selecting photo frames.
The best part is that Pic Stitch is available for iOS only and it gives users free frames to the photo collages that they create using this app. The only thing that you might find annoying is free ads and in-app purchases that are of course optional.

Now after knowing about the app featuring here is how you need to initiate creating a collage:

• To get started download the app from App Store and install it. You will find that the app offers around 60 free photo frames that are swappable. You can even go for 99 cents of Packs for more.

• Now from the frames pick a frame, for example you want to add two pictures together. Choose the two-picture frame and your pictures will be stacked one on top of another.

• Tap the frame to add image after selecting the frame. You can choose pictures from Camera roll, Dropbox, Facebook or quickly snap a picture using your camera.

• Use the tools like enhance, crop, rotate and tweak your image as you want, these tools are available in the—built in photo editor of Pic Stitch. When you are finished hit “Done.”

• Go to the main page of the collage. Your picture might appear like out of sync but tap and drag to adjust the frame.

• Repeat the same procedure for adding more pictures and expand your collage with your favorites at one place. Edit and reframe is what you need to remember for better collage creation.

• If you want to make changes in the collage shape then go to “Aspect” button and choose the relevant size that can be anything from a 1×1 (square) to 4×6 (portrait). For easier reshaping, you can tap the borders and choose the “Resize” option.

Now that you have successfully created your desired collage you would definitely want to share it. Tap the option of “Export” to share your collage across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other such social media. If you want, you can even e-mail it to your friend. For keepsake, you can also save the collage to your iOS Photo Albums.

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