Pillows That Help Face Wrinkles

Sleeping is a very essential process to help you rest after a hard day’s work. Did it ever occur to you that you need the right pillow to ensure your sleeping does not lead to formation of wrinkles? Probably not. The market is offering anti-aging pillows to help you sleep like a baby while at the same time helping you to stay young and slow down the aging process. Normally, the facial skin is very sensitive. As you sleep, the folds slowly and gradually worsen which leads to formation of wrinkles.

Anti-aging pillows are designed to prevent, slow down and even reduce the lines and wrinkles that are a result of sleeping on the ordinary pillows. Even at this, they are not a cure for wrinkles that are already in existence. They work in a gradual way and they are not your one time remedy.

Types Of Pillows To Reduce Wrinkles

1. The Beauty Pillow
This pillow from the Vesseur Skincare, is designed to counter the effects of a normal pillow that causes facial wear and damage. It comes with a satin pillowcase. Te reason it is using a satin pillow case is because it reduces friction as you turn and toss as you sleep. In addition, it will pull on skin and hair which is not the case with an ordinary pillow.

It comes in a crescent shape with the purpose of cradling and providing support for your head. In this, your head is elevated above your normal pillow positioning. To help prevent sleep wrinkles, you sleep while your head hangs off the side of the pillow. In this, your face does not press on the pillow which is the cause of sleep wrinkles. It is filled with organic non-allergenic virgin polyfil. This ensures that it is not attacked by mites as it is with cotton filled pillows.

2. Eyetopia Anti-Wrinkle Pillow
This pillow from Eyetopia is designed to make you look younger by concentrating on the wrinkles around your eyes. This is made possible by ensuring that the eye and the orbitial area remain open. In this, it prevents retention creases surrounding the eye. It comes in a wedge shape to ease the positioning of your head on the pillow. According to research, this pillow has undergone tests to back up their claims. You are therefore sure that it serves the purpose it is intended to perform. However, keep in mind that this pillow is not looked at as a cure for existing wrinkles.

3. Save My Face Anti-Wrinkle Pillow
This pillow manufactured by Save My Face, Inc, functions by suspending your face away from the main pillow. This aims at protecting your face from forming wrinkles. In addition, it helps with nasal air flow which improves your breathing while at the same time relieves you from aches and pains. Since you are suspended, you are not compressing your face onto the pillow. In addition, if you are using any moisturizers or treatment lotions, it does not rub it off as you do not come into contact with a fabric. It is also ideal for supporting your back and neck. After surgery, this pillow minimizes pressure on the facial tissues which are delicate as you sleep.

It has special hypoallergenic filling to reduce the chances of getting an allergy. It is made from 100% cotton and YKK invisible zippers to promote your comfort. You can purchase the pillow in either of its two sizes. It is recommended for prevention of facial wrinkles and sagging of skin that may result from pressing your skin on a pillow. Though it is highly recommended by experts, keep in mind that it is not a cure for wrinkles.

4. Copper Oxide Pillowcase
This pillowcase from the Cupron Company, incorporates the use of copper to minimize the creation of wrinkles. The pillowcase is woven with copper oxide fibers. As you lie on it, it releases the copper ions into your skin. It leaves your skin looking younger and smoother over a shorter period of time. Its key roles is to:

  • Increase the production of new collagen leading to a firm skin.
  • Hydration of the skin which makes the skin glow.
  • It is responsible for the skin’s blood-vessel micro-circulation.
  • It boosts your skin’s ability to protect itself.

According to research, this is a recommended product for those seeking to help their face wrinkles. It has one standard size of about 20′ X 26′.

These pillows are innovative products that go a long way into defining beauty and health. You need not use all those strenuous activities to keep you from aging. Rest and sleep are a key role in maintaining your youth. As you do this, top up the notch by getting a luxury anti-aging pillow that aims at preventing and reducing wrinkles and fair lines.