News Pink laptops under 500

Pink laptops under 500


If you are looking for pink laptops under 500 dollars, the Internet is the perfect place to look. Pink laptops are fashionable, pretty and cute. Nowadays, laptops and netbooks are not only used for work, but they are also accessories. A pink laptop will not only help you with your work, but it will also make a strong statement about your style and fashion.

So Where Can I Find Cheap Pink Laptops?

The first place you should look for pink laptops under 500 dollars is on Simply type pink laptops in to the search engine and you will get a wide selection to choose from. Some pink laptops may be priced much higher than what you can afford, but if you search carefully, you will find a few that are priced under 500 dollars. Below are two of the best pink laptops in terms of price, quality, design and portability.

Sony VAIO YB Series (Price: $499)

Pink laptops under 500

This Pink Sony laptop is only 3.23 pounds, has an elegant 11.6 LED-backlit display, and boasts an impressive 5.75-hour battery life. It is the perfect laptop for any student who wants to use it to take notes in class or simply chat with friends on Facebook. This Pink Sony laptop also comes with a Picture Motion Browser, which instantly sorts your pictures and photos by person, place and date.

Acer Aspire One Happy 2 (Price: $339.99)

Pink laptops under 500

The Acer Aspire One Happy 2 is also a very portable machine that is fast, durable and cute. It weighs in at a remarkable 2.65 pounds, has a 10.1 inch LED-backlit display, and up to 4 hours of battery life. The Strawberry yogurt color comes off as a mild pink, which looks much more mature and fashionable than hot pink. This pink laptop is way under 500 dollars, and is very affordable for anyone struggling in today’s economy. This reliable laptop is not only suitable for students, but businesswomen and stay at home mom’s as well.

Another place to look for cheap pink laptops under 500 dollars is eBay. If you go to and search for the term pink laptops, you will get a slew of results. On the left side of the site, you can input the price. In this case, we are going to put the range from 0 to 500 dollars. This will considerably narrow down your results and target pink laptops that cost under 500 dollars. Remember to always check the seller’s ratings and how many products the seller has sold. Even though eBay does its best to protect their buyers, there are a lot of scammers willing to rip you off.

Other Alternatives

If you cannot find the perfect pink laptop, you can always purchase a non-pink laptop and buy a pink case to cover it. If you purchase a MacBook, you can use the pink Speck See Thru Case to make it into a pink laptop. You can also purchase a IVEA Pink Keyboard Silicone Cover Skin as well to make it as completely pink as possible. These are all options you can consider when trying to get a cheap pink laptop under 500 dollars.

Pink laptops under 500
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