Pink Pillow

Embrace your daughter’s girliness by getting her a pink pillow as a matching accessory to her room. You want her furniture to represent her femininity as well as her pure sweetness, but you can go about this in many different ways.

Some parents choose to go with a single color in their child’s room to represent the entire theme. They end up pulling this off by accenting the main color with softer yet stronger tones to give it a contrast, but within the same color group. Why do moms typically go for pink? Well, many of them missed this when they were growing up and wanted that traditional cotton candy and raspberry sweetness representing their room and accessories.

Don’t worry about over doing it with the pink. If you don’t want to accent your pink pillow set with other pink furniture, them by all means, compliment it with contrasting colors, such as a deep browns or modern creams. You can place little decorations in the room, such as picture frames or flowers to offset the pink. In regards to your daughter’s bed set, Her comforter can be either brown or a pearly cream color. Of course the bed set can also show flair by getting one that has cute piglets or flamingo designs. Whatever your daughter fancies the best.

Try not to be too concerned with the cost as there are many manufacturers that package bed sets as in an “all-in-one” set, which is much more cost effective than getting furniture by the piece.

Of course your child’s safety is a top priority. Don’t get any bedding that is fire-resistant because the chemicals are not safe for her health. There are numerous brands that are made out of organic material. Most manufacturers have stopped making material out of this chemical, but you still want to be vigilant.

There are so many options when it comes to decorating your girl’s room and starting out with something as simple as her favorite pink pillow. Create a theme out of her pillow and decorate around it to give her room some great girly appeal that she will surely grow to love.