Pinterest Boards Your Business Should Have

Social media has proven its ability as a tool to increase a website’s traffic and then later on increase sales. And one of the most used social media platforms these days is Pinterest.

Pinterest is a photo-sharing website wherein users can create theme-based boards that work as a folder where they can upload or pin a collection of images about anything and everything under the sun.

Because of its features, Pinterest has earned respect in the world of internet marketing and is now used not just for personal purposes but for businesses as well.

However, a Pinterest account will be useless if you will not be able to maximize its full potential. It’s very important to have the right kind of boards in order attract more followers and keep them coming back.

Here are some Pinterest boards that you should create for your business.

Attention Drawer Board

Get to know who your target audience are to find out what interests them and what’s important to them.

If you have a food cart business, most of your followers would probably be entrepreneurs or just business-minded people, so topics about business trends or food which are not directly related to your business can still draw more visitors to your page.

“how-to” boards

A pinterest board should not just be entertaining but educational as well. Make sure that when a user visits one of your boards, they’d leave with new knowledge gained.

“How to” boards seem to be getting a lot of clicks on Pinterest these days so creating one is definitely a must. Try to get access on instructional videos and prints that are somehow related to your business and create a board for it. Just don’t forget to give acknowledgement to its owners to avoid getting into trouble.

Products and Services Board

This board will also serve as a catalogue of your products or services. Before a product is released, you may pin information about its features and benefits while asking your followers what they have to say about it.

After the product launch, you may then post customers’ feedback , reviews and photos of customers who are satisfied with your products.

Social Proof Board

Social proof is “a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation.” That means if you show a video or a picture of a customer satisfied with your product, chances are, the people who’d see the video would think that they’d also be satisfied with your product. If it worked for that person, it will work for me too.

What you can do is to create a board that will show some of your customers using your brand or a board that will serve as your customer profile. This should contain their business information or a link to their website so it’s best to let them know what you will be doing first.