Pinterest Successful Marketing Explained

Pinterest is a pin board sharing websites that encourages the members to create and manage themed boards. These interest based boards are then shared with their followers. Users and followers alike can re-pin the images to their own boards or they can like the photo pin. This photo pin is backlinked to your content or your product and the repins increase your chances of earning more money with Google adsense clicks or a possible sale of your product.

Create visually appealing marketing boards and share them with your followers on your home feed. Your followers are your future client providing traffic to your blogs and websites. Followers are real people that are looking for topics that interest them. They want to learn new recipes, how to fix things, garden tips, home decor and they are seeking fashion advice as well as products that they should buy and more. They may like your pin and repin it to their home page which will benefit you by providing more traffic.

The average pinner is active for a minimum of one hour a day so grab their attention with your pinterest marketing boards and be successful.

Marketing Boards explained

A pin is an image with or without a referral link, or a video that is added to Pinterest. You can add this pin from a website using a pin it bookmarklet or you can upload an image from your computer. All pins can be repined to other boards and to your home feed. All pins link back to their original source.

A marketing board is where you organize your pins by topic. If you want to promote your website content then create a board for a topic that relates to your content; As an example create a board for product reviews, tutorials, affiliate products or as an example all writers at Seekyt would create group boards. Your pinterest boards can be secret or public and you can invite other people to pin on any of your boards.

Examples of Marketing Boards

View this marketing for the kitchen affiliate board. It features links to products and display photographs that relate to the theme of the board. This balanced visual board attracts the audience to shop the entire board and not the first two lines. When setting up an affiliate board such as this, search for your photographs at pinterest and repin to your product board.


Get Traffic to Content

Unlike twitter that allows you to share your tweet once every three days pinterest allows you to share your pin with no limitations to other group board. Each time you repin or like a pin that said pin goes to your home feed and is viewed by all of your followers.

When other people repin or like your image pin with referral link, this pin will be viewed by all of your followers and the other person’s home feed. The home feed enables referral link pins to have more traffic with potential to earn more. Locate your home feed by clicking onto the red Pinterest at the top of the page. Your home feed will allow you to search for categories and will enable you to view your recent activity.

Plan to be Active on Pinterest

Devote time to your boards and to your followers. Pin is not a website where you pin your image with referral link and forget about it. If you want to be successful on your content must be active on the website.

1. Follow boards that you are interested in.

2. If you publish content at a community website like Seekyt then start a group board where members can add their articles.

3. All writers at Seekyt should create content group Seekyt boards and other related group boards such as Amazon product reviews, recipes, gardening, flowers, health, pet care and more.

4. Comment on the photo pins. A comment will push the pin back to the home feed.

5. Like other photo pins and share on and

6. Repin your pins and other member’s photo pins onto related boards. An example: I have a recipe board so if I view a recipe on that I like I will pin that said recipe onto the Seekty group board on one day and on another day I will repin it to one of my recipe boards. By doing this the photo pin with referral link gets more exposure and content traffic. The earning potential for this content photo pin is greater.

7. Watch the home page to see who likes your photo pins and repins. Make a point to visit their boards. Look for boards that are of interest to you and like or repin and follow the boards that interest you.

8. Be credible and build a strong following. Do this by not spamming others with boards that are all referral or affilate links.

9. Join other group boards. If you like gardening, home improvement, products reviews, fashion, fishing pets or whatever. Search for group boards that relate to your interests. Read the description to find out if it is a public board. Leave a comment on one of the board creators pins.

10. Create boards that have equal balance. A successful pin marketing board must have an equal balance of referral links to content websites, affiliate referral links, related photographs and or video.