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Places to visit in London – London Dungeons

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, London surely has a lot of exciting places to visit – theaters, parks, museums, galleries and restaurants. But no trip to London would be truly complete without a stop at the London Dungeons.

A Different Kind of Museum

Now operated by Merlin Entertainment, the London Dungeons were originally built as a museum to showcase the rather gory side of London’s history. Over the years, however, it has evolved into a theme park of sorts, with interactive features that can spook you, excite you or make you literally scream with fright.

Despite the change in format, however, the London Dungeons still remain true to its initial objective of sharing with the people the dark past of this British capital by means of realistic reenactments. Among the recreated events are Jack the Ripper, Sweeney Todd, the Plague, and the Great Fire of London.

Not for the Faint of Heart

The only way to see the London Dungeons is to join a tour that will take you through the attraction in groups of 20 or so. Most of the tour is done by foot but there are also parts where you can take a short ride and rest your feet. The entire tour does take 1.5 hours so it can get pretty tiring unless you have comfortable footwear.

Along the way, there are many surprises waiting in the shadows to greet you so you better be prepared. In fact, it specifically says in the brochure that this place is not for the faint of heart. For this reason, young children and those with heart conditions are not allowed within the premises of the London Dungeons.

Rides and Attractions

The tour includes several rides and attractions for your enjoyment, such as the Boat Ride to Hell, which can make you dizzy and disoriented as you move on sliders over the water, and the Labyrinth of the Lost, which can really make you feel lost as you will see mirrors wherever you turn. If you are quite the adventurous type, you will enjoy the Extremis drop of doom, which is based on the common practice of hanging in olden London.

How to Get There

London Dungeons is located on Tooley Street near the London Bridge Rail Station. In fact, after getting off the train, you can just walk the distance from the Rail Station to the Dungeons. You can also take the bus as several of them pass by the Dungeons, including buses number 21, 35 and 40.

As you can see, it’s not difficult to get there but if you are planning on taking the tour, it is recommended that you buy your tickets in advance. Visitors are only allowed inside every 7 minutes in groups of 20 so there can really be a very long waiting line outside especially during peak tourist seasons. You may also be able to save a considerable amount if you buy your tickets online rather than at the venue itself.


London Dungeons is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting England. This unique place puts a totally different twist on the London’s macabre past and makes the city’s history really appealing even to younger audiences. If you are curious as to what the London of 200 years ago looked like, the Dungeons can give you a pretty good idea.

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