News Places to visit in Nottingham, England

Places to visit in Nottingham, England


If you are planning a vacation to Nottingham, then you will want to know the best places to visit in Nottingham while you are there. Here is a listing of a few of the best suggestions:

Galleries of Justice
One of the suggested places to visit in Nottingham is the Galleries of Justice Museum. This is the traditional home of the famous Sheriff of Nottingham. The Museum shows visitors the history of Nottingham’s and all of its crime and punishments throughout the year. The museum’s displays are interactive and fun. You can take a tour that is led by an actor for even more family adventure. Visitors will get to see or participate in a trial in the esteemed Victorian Court room, as well as see the original prison cells and dungeons where prisoners were held, as well as an old original police station there.

Places to visit in Nottingham, England

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem

Places to visit in Nottingham, England

This famous location is said to be the oldest inn in England and it dates clear back to the year 1189. It is still proudly serving food and drinks and is a one of the interesting and fun places to visit in Nottingham.
Nottingham Arena At National Ice Centre
If you love concerts, then check out the Nottingham arena. It is a great venue and one the whole family may enjoy going to.

Brewhouse Yard Museum

Places to visit in Nottingham, England

Right behind the Ye Old Trip to Jerusalem you will find the Brewhouse Yard Museum. It is in a setting with five cottages from the 17th century and gives visitors a glimpse of how life went on in Nottingham in the past there centuries. There is a school room, a 1930s toy shop, castle rock caves and a fascinating display board featuring a survey from the British Geological Society on Nottingham during prehistoric times. This has to be one of the more interesting places to visit in Nottingham.

Nottingham Castle

Places to visit in Nottingham, England

This is not the original Nottingham Castle, which existed in the 12th century, as that was destroyed. But in the 17th century another castle was built on the same location and it is a Renaissance style castle open to visitors.
Ruddington Framework Knitters’ Museum
If you are interested in the culture of Nottingham, then this gathering of homes shows how Nottingham’s Frame Work Knitters lived. Volunteers show visitors how the knitting and other activities were done.

St. Mary’s Church

Places to visit in Nottingham, England

If you like looking at old churches, then you will enjoy touring the St. Mary’s Church, which is located in the original Saxon settlement known as Lace Market, and it is the oldest Christian Foundation in the city. This is a truly historic example of one of the places to visit in Nottingham.
Shopping Malls
Nottingham has plenty to offer the shoppers in the family. There are two large malls: Victoria Centre and Broadmarsh Centre, as well as Old Market Square and more.

Ghostly Adventures

Places to visit in Nottingham, England

For the more adventurous at heart, you can also do a Ghost Walk in Nottingham in a castle, a graveyard, and in an underground area during a special tour as the leader spins a tale about old Nottingham. It is a form of street theater that starts at the Salutation Inn on Maid Marion Way. Don’t miss this as one of the places to visit in Nottingham.

Places to visit in Nottingham, England
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