Planning A Catered Event

When planning an event or party, the most important aspect would be the food you will be serving to your guests. Having the food catered is extremely better than trying to do things on your own, especially if you will be having more guests than you can handle. These are events such as weddings and engagements, proms, cocktail parties, luncheons and dinner parties, corporate functions, launch parties, shop opening, meetings, funerals, christening, communions, confirmations and birthday parties and family celebrations.

When you are decided on having your event catered, follow these tips:

Do a headcount
The most important thing to figure out first is the total expected guest count. That number is going to affect everything you need to have on hand. The amount of food you will need to supply and the number of catering tables will all be dependent on how many people are planning to attend your event. If you are unsure of an exact number, round up. It is always better have too much than not enough.

Decide on a menu
So what food are you going to serve? The type of event can dictate what is appropriate. Consider the time of the even too – you’d need a full-course or heavier meal during lunch or dinner.

Shop around for suppliers and rentals

Once you know how many people are attending and what you want to serve, start making lists of everything you will need. If you comfortable with Microsoft Excel it can be helpful in keeping track of the costs you are facing.

You can check out and compare catering services and ask if they for their packages. It is better to go with caterers who can give you the full package – food, tents, tables and chairs. Styling can also be included. You can also attend their food tasting event. Caterers regularly offer these to potential clients. Ask them for their schedules.

Write down everything you can think of that you may or may not need just in case. Compile everything into one final ‘To-Do’ list that you can work from and mark off tasks as they are completed.

Once you have decided which caterer to go with, you will be assigned a banquet or event manager. She will be your coordinator for your event. Always have a final run-through of your contract and request for a mock-up of their styling and catering set-up if allowable.