Planning An Autumn Wedding

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Keep Your Guests Happy In Changeable Weather

Details to consider when planning an autumn wedding. Think about the importance of dry footpaths and keeping your guests warm by heating a marquee.

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Autumn is a stunning season to get married in. The orange and red colours on the trees make for gorgeous photos. However, it is also a time of changeable weather, so the bride and groom need to think about extra details to ensure that their guests are happy and their big day is a success, whatever the weather.

Keeping The Wedding Party Warm

There is a lot of standing around and waiting on a wedding day, so make sure that the bride and her bridesmaids are kitted out with pashminas or a faux fur shrug to take the edge off the chill. A basket full of blankets to keep laps covered later in the evening would also be a welcomed detail as are heaters in outdoor areas where your guests are likely to congregate.

Staying Clean and Dry

When the ground is slightly damp underfoot and is getting a lot of extra foot traffic from all of your wedding guests, it’s possible for ladies heels to sink into soft ground. Heel sink stoppers are a handy gadget that prevent stilettos from sinking into the lawn during a champagne reception. It is also a great idea to install temporary walkways to keep footpaths dry and stop dirt from ruining the guests’ shoes and of course the outfit of the day – the bride’s white wedding dress!


It’s a popular and economical idea to hold a wedding reception in a marquee, but it can be a challenge to keep a wedding tent cool in the day when the sun is shining and warm in the evening once the temperature has dropped dramatically. Most marquee companies will be able to provide a generator with a heating system that has enough fuel to last for up to 12 hours, or longer if you purchase additional fuel.

There may be a lot of extra details to consider when planning an autumn wedding, but don’t be put off because they’re worth every bit of effort.

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