Planning for Prague

The next trip on the itinerary for my gap year of travel adventures is somewhere fabulously festive for the winter time – Prague. Me and my two besties, Jade and Becky, are currently planning our first trip to this Czech city, and having fun discovering what there is to see and do when we get there.
Here’s what we’ve got so far:

When to Go
Prague’s climate is similar to the UK so it’s definitely not a sun-soaked destination n/b leave those bikinis at home! Therefore, we decided that the ‘gothicness’ of the city lent itself best to a winter break – and we’ll also be hoping for a sprinkling of snow to add to the winter wonderland atmosphere. Prague also has some great Christmas markets – another reason to visit in November/December.

Where to Go
To see the best Christmas markets head to the traditional Old Town Square and the more contemporary Wenceslas Square. The giant tree on the Old Town Square is brought down from the mountains, and looks great set against the Old Town Hall. Make sure you look out for the famous Astronomical Clock while there.

Where to Stay
Prague is much like any other major European city when it comes to hotels and hostels – there’s one for every taste and budget. We’ve booked the Charles Bridge Economic Hotel, which is situated right by the entrance to the Charles Bridge in the Old Town (you couldn’t wish for a better location) and offers great value for money. Although we won’t be sharing a dorm and instead have booked one of the private ‘attic’ apartments – a good compromise if you want privacy and good value.

What to See
On our list of what to see in Prague we have the famous Astronomical Clock, the Charles Bridge (which should be easy enough to find seeing as we’re staying right next to it!) and the castle.

What to Do
When it comes to activities Becky (ever the art student) wants to visit the DOX art centre, which is meant to be amazing, and the Prague House of Photography. Whereas action girl Jade wants to go rafting down the River Vltava – although we’re trying to persuade her that that might be one to save for a summer trip!

What to Eat
As the foodie (and no that doesn’t mean ‘fatty’) of the group it’s my job to find the best places to eat and drink in the city (on a budget). I’ll be looking for places to find traditional Prague dishes like stroganoffs and dumplings – as well as the best ‘beer halls’ in the city so that we can enjoy what’s meant to be the best beer in the world!

Hopefully our Prague planning can help you with your trip! Websites that we’ve find helpful as ever are tripadvisor, Lonely Planet & Insure and Away. We’re on the countdown to our trip to a Prague winter wonderland, so why not book your trip too – maybe we’ll see you out there!