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Planning Fun National Customer Service Week Activities

Thank you celebrations are always a big morale booster, so planning fun National Customer Service Week activities, which will run from October 1st through October 5, 2012, is critical in showing your appreciation to your employees who go above and beyond for your customers every day of the year. From rewarding your best front line representatives to raising companywide awareness of the importance of good customer service, great activities during these five days will help in building a strong team that continues to provide even stronger customer service.

Getting Started

A good start to providing fun National Customer Service Week activities is setting up a fun atmosphere. You could start by sending out some humorous animated e-mail cards through the e-mail system to generate a buzz. Make sure to take some time to decorate the customer service department, or even the entire company, with posters, banners, and balloons that convey how thankful you are to have great customer service representatives. Hang posters and banners early to generate excitement for the celebration to come. If you hang them up a week or two early, this can help further the excitement.

Celebrate in Style!

No one ever really gets tired of playing dress up, so when it comes to fun National Customer Service Week activities, including different theme days can be a lot of fun for both your staff and your customers. The best part about theme days is that you also get to incorporate these themes into your decorations, food, activities, and costumes. If you are looking for a good theme to utilize, many employees like Western Day, Pajama Day, Rock ‘n Roll Day, or Sports Day. You can also base themes off of movies, televisions shows, or even the boss.

Sometimes You Just Have To Get Off Site

When it comes to fun National Customer Service Week activities, one of the most popular team building events is the digital scavenger hunt. Breaking into teams, the person running the activity generates a list of items which each team must obtain a digital picture or movie of in order to score points. The team with the most points after a predetermined time then wins a special prize. From easy things like finding an expired license plate to difficult things like getting five people to jump in the air in front of a bronze big, a good list will keep a team on the run in your community for a good couple hours.

And Sometimes Just a Thank You Is Enough

Sure – planning fun National Customer Service Week activities will show your employees how much they are appreciated. However, you also have 51 more weeks throughout the year to communicate how much you appreciate your customer service representatives. Never forget the power of simply thanking a person for a job well done. Many employees feel that their supervisors don’t like them or what they do simply because they do not hear ‘Thank You’ often, if even at all, while on the job. You’ll be surprised how far those two words can really go.

Making sure you have fun National Customer Service Week activities planned is something that will benefit you throughout the year !

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