Playing Video Games To Pass Time

I know that I hate when I lose something and the worst part about it is that when you lose something that you use almost everyday it gets worse. A while back I lost my PS3 cords that make impossible to play my PS3 and I use to play it all the time. 

I don’t know if it happens to you but losing cords to a video game system isn’t the end of the world but what are you supposed to do now that you can play your favorite video games when your bored or stressed out from the day it can throw a real wrench in your daily plans. 

Playing video games is what I did as a kid to pass time, now I wasn;t the kind of kid that sat in his room all day and played video games I went outside too. It was nice though to take a break and play some video games. Now I know most people like to play shooter games and I can get a kick out of those too but I love playing sports games I am a sporty kind of guy. 

Another thing is that not all people that like to play video games are geeks they just like to pass time playing a game or two. Weekends are usually time to play video games for me I love playing video games they are a lot of fun and I am able to get a lot of stress out and it does pass time.

The video games today were never like the video games I played when I was a kid the graphics are better and they have wireless controllers. I am amazed by the kind of technology they have put into gaming, but I’m still waiting to see a video game that makes you feel more part of the action and not play a person you are the person in the game. 

Every kid wants to have a video game system growing up and with the PS3 and Xbox you can’t go wrong. Geeks are not the only ones that play video games. Video games can help  your IQ and problem solving skills and every kid wants that I know I did. 

The thrill of achieve the top of a video game is the best feeling and makes you happy it can encourage kids to never give on anything and just go for it.